“Gnome Doors” in Stoughton, MA?- Deek’s hands-on craft-art-workshop

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV, author of “Microshelters”), talks about an upcoming workshop in his wildly colorful art studio in downtown Stoughton, MA, where over six hours, 15 students will work on 5/6 projects with the aim towards bettering the town with art. This workshop is limited to 15 people, and if interested, contact Deek’s crew via NewEnglandRockPress at gmail. This event will be held 6/26/16….


  1. cool video mate love the gnome doors on the business thats is awesome
    should drum up some curiosity from passes by. hello from townsville
    have a great day

  2. My grandpa could use “adult daycare”, as you call it, to give me a break!
    Could he come to your one-day workshop, Deek? If I avoid feeding him dairy
    the whole day prior, you’d likely only have to change his diaper once (if
    it’s more than that, I apologize in advance). He’s very artistic; he once
    painted the Virgin Mary on his lap-tray with only spittle and catsup.

  3. dude i used to live right next to your studio .. wow thats crazy .

    hey have you ever seen that tiny house in stoughton that sort of small and
    kind of looks like it belongs in a fairy tale ?

  4. About a year ago I made some little gnome doors and put them up by Auckland
    museum , they were made out of teak, I should really go see if they are
    still there hopefully they haven’t been stolen. Your idea is great In
    putting them out the front of stores.

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