Gorgeous 39-ft. Gooseneck Tiny Home on Wheels


Harrison and Brittney downsized slowly before finally into their tiny home. This 39ft tiny house has a small bathroom, a flushing toilet, and a large shower. The has ample cabinet space, a tall fridge, a stove/oven, and a dishwasher!

These two love games, so the custom entertainment center was designed to hold everything, from video games to legos and records. The high-ceiling bedroom is in the neck of the tiny home, which allows for standing and walking space on either side of the queen-size bed.

Shot by: @sagetraveling
Edited by: @sagetraveling

00:00 Introduction
00:31 Kitchen
07:49 Office
08:30 Entryway
09:36 Bathroom
11: Bedroom
14:04 /Community
15:39 Exterior

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  1. Love this one. The extra space makes the home super livable especially with the pets. Very pretty interior. Bathroom is great. Like the little Lego touches. Be perfect when they build the deck. Congratulations on a lovely build.

  2. Beautiful home, great to start young before you get totally set in your ways, as we are too attached to our space and stuff now… Do they mow your lawn, or do you have a lawn mower somewhere? Are you from Oregon, or what made you choose the mild but rainy area? How does living with one bathroom work out? I assume that you will move to larger when or if kids come along…

  3. I just love this tiny house. I love the set up so much. This floor plan works so well. We are in a travel trailer an we so want to upgrade to something just like this.

  4. I love the bedroom in the gooseneck. I just stayed at the park in October and noticed there doesn’t seem like there would be many job opportunities in that area, is that true?.

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