Gorgeous DIY Tiny Home with Elevator Bed and so Much Storage


The layout that this charming couple chose for themselves is stunning, with a vast kitchen space made just for Janae and her love for cooking and a workspace for both of these photographers. The living area has a table surrounded by a U-shaped couch with storage below the cushions and more behind the frame. A significant portion of this is the grand bathroom containing a full-size and dryer, a C-head composting toilet, and a shower next to the double-height vanity.

The upstairs opening area is meant for relaxation and separation from the main house. There are musical instruments, books, beanbags, and plants to flatter the energy of the spacious room. When you gaze towards the loft, you’ll notice the eye-catching beam that accents the centerline of the ceiling. Janae and Blaine not only live tiny, but they also design tiny for others! These two enjoy where they live and love what they do.

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  1. So much space….and the bed solution is brilliant! I would love to have seen how they get onto the bed though. Sweet couple!

  2. LOVE all your storage ideas! This is about the best I’ve seen…a generous place for everything! I see a violin up there…which one of you plays?😊 About the only thing I’d add would be a woodstove…bc I love in a part of the country where we get winter, & there’s nothing like a wood fire for coziness when it’s snowing!❤️

  3. i like how they like have a decent amount of stuff , most of the tiny home videos i see the people are minimalists.

  4. Beautiful couple and home, it really shows the love for each other and their home. What a great way to start life together. You should be teaching other couples how to do this.

  5. You guys seem to be a lovely couple ❤️❤️❤️and you have a beautiful home ❤️

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