Gorgeous Skoolie Home for Family Downsizing w/ 2 Daughters

Welcome to the Bougie Bus! Take a tour of this young family’s new House – a converted school that they renovated themselves! The is stunning, and they especially designed the home with their 2 young daughters in mind.

Jenna Kausal

Dallen Detamore
Jennifer Gonzalez

Marcia Trader

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  1. I hope you give us a tour of your (newer) remodeled tiny home soon 🙂 I love the tall ceilings and wood beam you are standing under at the beginning.. not sure which tiny house this is though. Your little girl is growing so much. What a cutie!

  2. I really like this layout. And this must make moving every 2-3 years with the military so much easier, especially when the kids are little. Wish we had known about these 20+ years ago!

  3. I know everyone yes this but that is one of the best bus layouts (with kids) I have seen! The only thing I would change is (and they probably didn’t have the room) I would add a pocket door for the toilet room and one for the mom/dad’s bedroom. What an amazing bus and family. Cheers!

  4. Just wanted to let you know when I entered your code it didn’t work but then I was like, duh, take out the exclamation point. Then it gave me a discount. TGIF lol

  5. Love the build! Excellent choices of sink and stove, IMHO. I/we make/freeze large batches of food, so would opt for a larger fridge and microwave more, but cooking from scratch is a great family experience, so your kids will learn that also!
    Kudos also for locating plumbing all on one side. I designed Mom-in-law’s house on our property that way to save plumbing costs and hassle. Kitchen, master bath/toilet/shower and laundry plumbing share a wall between them (kitchen on one side).
    Great job as always, Jenna! 🙂

  6. I absolutely love this build!! Every time I think I have one I would want to do for the future…I see another build that just has me thinking I want to redo my layout.❤️

  7. Really nice bus. Nicely designed and decorated. Do you have any type of AC? Thanks for the video and God bless.

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