Gorgeous Three Bedroom Tiny Home – Craftsman Line by Incredible Tiny Homes

This beautiful 8×28 Craftsman Line home by will be up for Auction August 10th at noon (eastern time)! Auction goers are welcome to bid on this home from our facility at 850 Industrial Road Newport, TN 37821 this Saturday or you can place your bid ahead of time by emailing us at info@incredibletinyhomes.com with your offer! Watch the auction live online via facebook live and youtube live!

For more information on this particular home please email us at: info@incredibletinyhomes.com

For more information on our Craftsman Line of homes please visit our website: http://www.incredibletinyhomes.com/craftsman-line/

Choose Tiny, Live Free

Music Credit: www.bensound.com


  1. Personally I would chuck the fold down table and add stairs with storage. I won’t touch a ladder. The rest of it is pretty awesome.

  2. He had me till the crawl down the “cat walk”. Also he seem to be hunching down in the chair in the loft – lets be real here unless you are a little person that loft ain’t livable. Other than things mentioned and no storage this is a great little house,

  3. I have been really getting into tiny homes lately and as a college student, I think this would be great for me! How much would something like this cost thought?? I love the layout and style of this so much!

  4. Only in America will they make BIG tiny homes . Hope if your up in the loft you don’t need to pee in the middle of the night !

  5. HM?? so you have to think about wardrobe for clothing as well. It is nice to go for very long travel but imagine on curves if it goes to the side.

  6. No Ladders ! *Ladders are dangerous !* You’re sitting in a chair and your hair is clearly brushing the ceiling ! Not a selling point for me.

  7. I bet the price for this is at least 50,000 or more. Hell I can go buy a real house that’s 3 bedroom 2 bath for 75,000 where I live. Unless the price for this is under 25,000 it’s not worth it.

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