Gorgeous Tiny House Built For Traveling

For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/the-wanderer

“This Modern build is light and ready to travel with everything you need to live the simple life. The Wanderer would make an awesome road trip companion, vacation rental, guest house and more. this unit is packed full of design! Custom cabinetry, ultra light concrete counters, stained cedar accents, this home is full of quality finishes to give you that tiny luxury feel.”


Tiny houses for sale in your inbox: http://eepurl.com/bAcWb

For sale in Vernon, British Columbia


  1. For anyone complaining about the music during this video. This is a tiny home pulled on your truck approaching destination anywhere. Song says where’d you go? This track is so fitting for this go anywhere camp it, then go somewhere else and repeat. Where’d you go…..is so perfect.

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  3. When I hear that it’s just music and no one’s going to tell you anything about it I just mute it! I would appreciate it if they would show logical pictures as they go through the homes. Instead of scattered shots where you get to guess sometimes where the pictures go. I love jigsaw puzzles probably more than most people but I don’t want to do them when I’m considering a tiny home. If they want to do them so incredibly quickly try using some logic or does that not appeal to people of the youngest Generations?

  4. Annoying music in the background? CHECK
    Fast paced visuals? CHECK
    No large shots that give you a feel for the space? CHECK

  5. I just started a GoFundMe to help build a tiny house Community. It would mean a lot if you guys checked it out & considered sharing it, or donating. Even $5 will help, thanks again for considering. Gofundme.com/the-tiny-house-movement

  6. Could u please explain to me from where do you get electricity and water supplies, if you are in the middle of nowhere?

  7. Cool and modern music for a cool and modern type of tiny house. Fits perfectly , looks awesome. Like it very much…..

  8. I was skeptical at first but using like an RV I think I really like this! Needs solar panels etc but definitely would stand out at busy RV/campground. I always wonder why typical even cray expensive Rv’s have such boring/ugly facades? Ahhhh a light gray or tan with a swoopy darker color design on the side really must be cheap.

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