Gorgeous Tiny House Bus Conversion- Full Tour w/The Puckett’s!

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders” and author of “Microshelters”) and his brother Dustin take a down to ATL (while shooting side content for their upcoming show “The Micromen”) and swing by the conversion/tiny home of Andrew and Julie Puckett. This tiny home near Stone Mountain, GA has all the amenities of a regular house, but worked into a vintage Blue Bird school bus. Aside from a shower, kitchen area, and ample seating space, this bus has a surprising amount of storage- and style.

You can find out more about this bus at www.HouseB.us


  1. For me, this seems pretty cozy for a couple. Good job guys. How I wish we
    could have something like this in our country.

  2. i hate kindles!! Im old school ^.^ give me books with pages. were moving
    into an rv ( i onow frown but I just cant find a tiny house in my budget)
    and I will organize the space around my books!

  3. poking around on YouTube I’ve seen some really awesome bus conversions. I
    saw one where a person added an expandable second floor to their bus which
    they used as a bedroom when they were parked in an RV park. I think tiny
    houses are awesome but bus conversions are so wicked hippie. ❤

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