Gorgeous Tiny Houses with Farmhouse Flair Offer Chill Getaway

Welcome to Tiny Getaways Episode 2! We took a trip to the lovely Perch & Nest Tiny Home Company farm. They live, build tiny houses, and host Airbnb THOWs here. ✨?? As a getaway, it offers the best of both worlds: relaxing farm life while just a 10-minute drive to happening Winston-Salem, NC—city of Arts & Innovation.

Enjoy tours of their gorgeous tiny houses on wheels and insight into their family inspiration behind their work and designs. Fun fact: they were our DIY tiny house build mentors! Through that experience, they fell in love with tiny houses and launched their successful building company. ✨Full Tour of Roost36 Tiny Farmhouse coming next Friday!✨

??? The idea behind Tiny Getaways is to share all the amazing ways you can experience tiny, to get away from it all or to for your future tiny home, at beautiful destinations.
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??? After falling in love and building our 130 sq ft tiny house on wheels, we hit the road to explore the tiny house movement.

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  1. Hope you enjoy Episode 2 of our new Tiny Getaways series! We feature a place and people who mean a lot to us, and who build amazing tiny houses. *Watch Episode 1 here:* https://youtu.be/IEB8w2uLxgg ???In the series, we share all the amazing ways you can experience tiny at beautiful destinations, to get away from it all or to plan for your future tiny home.

  2. They all look so well made! I think it would have made more sense to have the larger sink from the 18 ft swapped with the smaller sink in the 36 ft home. There’s no kitchen workspace in 18 ft. Same goes for the fridges (and the large fridge needs the doors reversed). It also would have made more sense to put the washer/dryer in the 36 ft unit.

  3. Something seems a bit off about you two…….could it be that one of you has been copied…like that invasion of the body snatchers movie? Hmm?

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