Got to Rockies, settled to build rugged mountain tiny homes

moved to , for the mountain biking and built his first tiny house to afford rent. Almost a decade later, he – and his company Rocky Mountain – has built 80 custom tiny homes for customers across the country.

He lived for 5 years in his first build and one year of that with his wife Stefanie while they were building a bigger and better model. Today, they live off-grid – and onsite at the company – in their San Juan tiny house. They customized everything to their particular needs, from a mechanical to a tabletop that slides (with wax) into multiple positions. Not wanting a simple square box, they built designed SIPS-panel walls that arch up and out and an undulating roof that maximizes space where needed.

When we visited the worksite, Parham had three tiny houses in production and he said he was booked out for the next nine months. Despite his popularity, Parham doesn’t want to get too big, as he likes being able to tailor the homes to the individual client. He allows every customer to completely customize their home and allows them to interact with the build process via video call to make changes along the way.

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  1. Gorgeous video as always. Thanks for all the hard work making these films. And all the houses are so cool. Any idea what he’s doing with the arched cabin frame to the right of the main work area? Those are my latest small home obsession.

  2. I see a wonderful pattern. Kirsten “gets” what people have done, and gets excited about it, and this gets them talking and sharing “from where they live”. They feel validated, become relaxed, and it like they are talking to a friend. And actually they are talking to a friend. “When she connects the dots, and understands something, she usually starts with a “Wow,…..” They laugh and feel relaxed and explain themselves and their thinking, and it is really fun for everyone. These videos are really quite wonderful. The houses are wonderful, but the thinking behind them are just as wonderful. You guys do a great job, and you have so much fun doing it. There is life in it. Thank you.

  3. Dear Ms. Kristen,
    I consider your work differently from any thing else & have done for 6 or 7(?) years. You’re the real thing – cinematography, audio, all the technical stuff & especially the cool folks you spotlight within your tiny home conceit. Thank you for being the “artiste” in this wasteland web of hacks.

  4. Greg, followed your career for a few years after you started building tiny houses. Was on your website probably once a week! So nice to see how far you’ve come. Beautiful job creating a loving, productive, joyful life – and Kristen, you did a great job capturing it.

  5. The whole set up/layout is fantastic, it has all the necessities without bulking up the home but my favourite is the bed concept 💡 👍👍👍

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