“Grandma Friendly” Modern Tiny House w/DOWNSTAIRS bedroom

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen and Doug from “Off Grid with Doug and Stacy” tours a brand new tiny house designed by Sam and Lynsi Underwood of “The Small Dwelling Company” Texas.
This tiny house on wheels not only has a roof deck and a very ample bathroom (with loads of cabinet storage), but it also packs in the added feature of having both an upstairs AND a downstairs bedroom.

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  1. THE barn doors, as they mention, can be taken OFF, giving easier access to the downstairs bedroom bed (making it even easier to get into) if need be….

  2. Wonder how “nana” would like the stairs when she comes down and the bottom step is missing? An accident waiting to happen!

  3. Wonderful home!!!! I’m always looking out for aging appropriate tiny homes, because I’m aging. I’d love to see some that are appropriate for the disabled too. My husband and I are both disabled and would love to downsize, but have not really ever seen any for us. If you run across any let us know.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I watch a lot of tiny house videos and I think that with this tiny house, you have it nailed. Great ideas. Great build. Great video.

  5. This house makes no sense –the areas used least have the most space. Where is the living room? An area to relax? All the storage is where you defecate. Clothing storage is not that close to sleeping areas. Finishes are nice but everytjing else shows poor space planning.

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