Handcrafted Tiny House with Beautiful Design & Woodwork – Full Tour

This is a 19 foot long tiny house on wheels with a covered porch, two lofts, windows all around, convenient storage, lots of counter space in the kitchen, handcrafted woodwork, and fold away space saving furniture. The space is warm and welcoming and cozy, and we loved getting to spend a few hours inside 🙂

The of the custom tiny house in the giveaway is Modern Tiny Living:

And the charity we’re raising money for is PATH:

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Photos of the Kokosing tiny house provided by Modern Tiny Living


  1. One of the nicest you’ve featured! The warmth of the wood on the interior and the attention to detail make it very desirable. Thx!

  2. So, when you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, you have to move the ladder to get to the restroom. Seems like they built it backwards.

  3. This is cute, but I wouldn’t want my clothes in the kitchen. If you cook bacon or onions, etc, you know your clothes will have those odors. I do like the tiny home though.

  4. Just make sure that if you have an outward swinging exterior door that you have security hinges so that someone can’t just remove the hing pins on your door, and take the door off to gain entry.

  5. The only thing I don’t care for is I like to sit up in bed….it seems that’s where the dormers end! No head-room! Other than that the woodwork IS beautiful! I love the purple-accented timber.

    I love the long camera view through the ladder!

    Great video!!

  6. It’s very lovely, but I need stairs(not steep, and with a handrail) and a loft I can stand up in. So this model won’t work for me, but I think I will incorporate a lot of this design when I’m ready to build mine.

  7. Beautiful tiny home I love it. Can you wheel it to my country and build the owners a new one. So well done I would only change the door to open out wise for extra space. ❤️❤️❤️👏

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