He built remote dome cabin amid freezing Siberian wilderness for $1K

Bio- has experienced his own Tolstoyan Odyssey: interested in , he taught himself to design and build with materials and shapes inspired by Nature that resemble an Arctic version of Antoni Gaudí's designs.

Alosha pushes his version of eco-construction to the limits so his “buriable” shelters “can handle the harshest and most erratic weather patterns as well as strong and snow loads.”

In the first chapter of our series with Alosha, we follow him to Siberia, where he learns from a local how to adapt his curvilinear designs to build a turf home capable of bringing and comfort to one of the harshest environments, showing “what anybody is capable of.”

Alosha's longterm is to redesign the Earthship Subzero temperatures without sun, what he calls his Wautillarium .

Alosha teach others how to build his homes and gardens his online Bio-Veda Academy https://www.bioveda.co/

On * https://faircompanies.com/videos/he-built-remote-dome-cabin-amid-freezing-siberian-wilderness-for-1k/


  1. Mixed feelings…at minimum, this deepens my sense of appreciation for the real thing, the full-on Fair Company presentation.

  2. F = ((C ÷ 5) x 9) + 32 e.g. ((-50˚C/5) x 9) + 32 = ((-10) x 9) + 32 = -90˚ + 32 = -58˚F  
    It’s your turn to go buy fingernail polish.

  3. 06 min : Why the hell would you use high celling in a cold place…?
    Even if it works under compression, I would have add a stronger center piece… I would not be confident sleeping in that with snow in the roof… Specially in some years when all those nails would have weakened.

  4. If the southern exposure was a little broader, and the depth a little shallower, the light would be better.
    Makes absolute sense for a harsh climate.

    We need greater dissemination of indigenous practices. In turn thiscould solve a lot of modern housing problems…

  5. Most soil has a bulk density of around 1.5g per cubic cm, or about 1.5 tonnes per cubic meter, at about 50% water saturation. Compare this with the average for the lithosphere, which is mostly your typical surface mineral rocks at about 2.8g per cubic cm.

  6. Thank you for featuring one of my favorite designer builders! I’ve taken most of Alosha’s courses over the years and I can say he is very innovative in his work. I particularly like this Siberian vault build. In America we throw away so much lumber, a good portion of the materials could be scavenged. Another option is to buy a cheap Harbor Freight sawmill, saw your lumber then sell the mill.
    Lots of ways to build affordably and Alosha is good at “outside the box” thinking to save money and time.
    Two thumbs up!

  7. Note to the commentor: I sometimes hear you say “Uhhuh…” . Don’t do that. It comes across as the next thing you’ll say is :”Yeayeayea whatever” . It comes across as being really uninterested.

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