He turned a JUNK Camper into a Tiny House Building Workshop!

Meet Chris Strathy, a Norh Carolinian (by way of NY) builder and designer, that saw that a Jayco junk camper had a little more life left in it. Chris’s restored and rebuilt camper soon became his tiny house building workshop on wheels- dubbed “The dog house”. It has some cool and clever storage and organizational ideas within as well- and even a secret storage compartment. We filmed this when Chris came out to speak and teach at last years hands-on building workshop (hosted by The Diedricksen Brothers) “Tiny House Summer Camp 6” in northern Vermont.

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    • I started when I took the game “bedbugs” apart around age 6 and started routing designs into my desk with the motor ….

    • I love it. Had a blast building it, saved a ton of $$$, and it quickly let’s people know what I’m about.
      Thanks for watching!

    • Hell yeah! Thanks brother! I have tons of content I need to get edited…pallet wood basement, diy ax throwing, backpack blower glitter cannon, and some other pretty rad stuff we’ve been working on!

  1. Alright guys, I’ve been following this channel for a long time now, but only 24 comments with 125k subscribers. Let’s get this going. Love the camper work shop, I have an old fema trailer I use for a work shop when I remodel houses and build custom things on site. It’s a 30 ft Forrest river.

    • I’m working on a pet project….taking an oldie VERY similar to the jayco down to frame and building a badass trailer for a young man in a wheelchair. Would love to see pics of your shop!

    • The Capable Carpenter very nice!! Can’t wait to see that. I work on campers for a living and wonder everyday how I could recreate one to make it wheelchair accessible. I think that would be amazing!! I will get a video out together of my shop.

    • How wide? Make it look like a castle turret! A little restricted on how many windows can be cut in with compromising structural integrity. I’ve been looking for a few junk grain bins that would be a great little tiny community.

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