Her 103 SqFt Dream Tiny House – Living Debt Free In A $50k Micro Tiny Home

Shana is an incredibly impressive woman. She moved into a to get out of debt. Her cost 50K to build. She was teaching and she got a second job as well and started putting everything she made toward her debt. She sold her car to help and started taking the bus and walking. As of now, her credit cards, student loans and tiny home are all paid off and she is 100% debt free. Her tiny home has offered her freedom that nothing else could and she is beyond grateful. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses did a beautiful job working with her to give her everything she requested and she is incredibly happy living with her 2 dogs in Durango, CO.

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  1. This tiny house on wheels is a great example of a micro tiny home. Do you think you would go with something this small for your tiny home?

  2. Hello, I love your tiny home. I am seriously considering going tiny. How high is your house? I would want to be able to stand in loft. What is the size of the bathroom? I have a design in mind but getting the right sizing is my challenge as I don’t want to go bigger that 14 x 20

  3. It’s hard to say why a tiny house is priced a lot higher than expected for the size but the important thing is she loves it and she obviously paid what she thought was a fair price.
    I think it’s a really well appointed tiny house but I couldn’t live in a house that small.
    I have a dog the size of her pups and he definitely needs access to my bed. 😊
    I also would hate that hard sofa box. I get so annoyed just looking at it. People if you think sitting perfectly straight, upright with your arm resting on wood, your feet not touching the floor and having no bounce to your seat is comfortable, then at the end of this life you’ll love the next pine box you get. 🙄 For me NOT A CHANCE I could handle that.
    I think a sofa should allow you lounge, curl up when you feel tired, lay down to watch a rom-com or read a book. None of that’s happening in that livingroom!
    Sometimes in life it’s the creature comforts that can make a home. 🛋

  4. It’s a crime how badly people are charged to build these. At 50K the builder most likely made 30k
    profit. Over $480 per square foot.

  5. $50,000 for what amounts to a goddamned converted SHED? A SMALL shed at THAT! This tiny home ‘fad’ is just novelty, yuppie, privileged class bullshit.

  6. or you could spend that much in the Midwest and buy a more averaged size house. but not everything would be custom built I guess. this is if you have the cash to have fun, sort of a treehouse for adults I guess.

  7. Reading all the laudatory comments on here for a $50,000 structure that you need a shoehorn to enter? It’s no wonder at all why this country is so completely fucked up! What dumbbells.

  8. I love the little wood stove. I have a shed cabin. It’s 512 square feet. It works for my husband and I. But we actually are planning something different for us. We want to keep the shed cabin for guest. We have 12 acres by a river , not right on it but about a mile inland, living tiny affords much more living. When you are in the big suburban home it eats away at savings. Tiny is a wonderful way to live. No matter your age. I am older and have a disability and my bedroom in my tiny home is own the first floor. Along with my bathroom with a large soaking tube. Your tiny can be made to fit you. I ❤️tiny living! Leslye

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