Her 25 Ft. DIY Bus Tiny Home Build for $10k – Unique Thrift Store Filled Beauty


Kaetlynn, a pro ultimate frisbee player, and her husky pup Mako live in a that usually finds its tires traveling the desert. She bought the rig for $3100 and spent about 10k to build it out in about a year and a half with her father’s help. Most of the interior was made using recycled material and reclaimed wood.

How do you know this girl loves to cook? She sacrificed clothing and extra storage for the sake of a large kitchen! This central area has a copper sink, fridge, and more spices than the average home. The bed is fixed with a large area underneath for Makos safe space, a garage, and more storage. Kaetlynn’s favorite of her entire tiny home is on the with a drink, a sunset, and a deep breath.

Shot by: @brian_bear_butler
Edited by: @brian_bear_butler

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  1. Her personality is infectious! Super positive upbeat. And that’s part of what makes her successful. The other part is she’s extremely resourceful. Did a beautiful job on the build! Love Meiko! Thank you so much. Sending you sweet vibes from California💜🤟🏻😎

  2. You have done what you wanted, and a Awesome job I like you set up doggie hideaway is very crate friendly best wishes to you on the road let me be a tag along on your venture 😊🥰🐕

  3. I love all the thought you put into your kitchen area, your love for your baby and your spirit of adventure and independence💪🐶🌻❤️

  4. One of my favorite builds! And that’s saying something since over watched over a thousand plus! Love Mako!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  5. The outside of the yellow school bus makes it appear like a shorter bus, however the interior appears much longer. Is this an optical illusion? Or is that a pic of a different bus 🙂

  6. Nice and warm homey…
    And you are sweet.
    The woof has a castle with a mural!!!! Great vid…love from holland

  7. Hola, saludos desde Puerto Rico…yo estoy pensando conseguir un bus, d hecho ya Hable con alguien q m puede conseguir uno…lo q no se es q tipo d licencia nec

  8. M quieren conseguir un bus q corra Bien, estoy Guardando acc para dentro del bus , nec una persona q haga la elect / paneles solares….

  9. What a beautiful skoolie, fabulous build and amazing lady.
    Your energy and articulate excitement is a pleasure to watch and listen to as you describe the bus and the lifestyle.
    IG followed.
    Happy trails Kaetlynn and Mako. Thank you for sharing. 🤙

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