Her 400 Sq. Ft. Tiny House Long Term Rental – Try it Before you Buy it


Before the pandemic, Jaqueline was looking to buy a place in , but with the market being crazy, she chose to rent and found a tiny home! With a wrap-around porch and vaulted ceilings, her 400 sq ft house looks massive! The interior has a with a living space large enough for an entertainment center, a small couch, and a dog bed for a little pup named Penny. Although downsizing has been a challenge, Jaqueline has managed to get her clothes to fit in the double and the rest to fit under the bed. There's a large farmhouse sink, a microwave, and a dishwasher in the kitchen that she's so thankful to have!

Shot by: @theirhappytrails
Edited by: @theirhappytrails

00:00 Introduction
00:19 Tiny House Kitchen
01:24 Tiny House Laundry Room
02:01 Why a Tiny House
02:41 Tiny House Office
04:58 Tiny House Living Room
06:02 How a Tiny Home
07:29 Tiny House
09:05 Tiny House Bathroom
10:04 Tiny House Learnings
10:55 Tiny House /Patio

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  1. Beautiful home! Love all the white! It almost looks huge compared to the tiny homes I’ve seen. I may have to move to Austin just so I can live in this tiny house community! Penny is so cute! I have a 17 year old dog that is my heart! I’m sure Penny is your heart too!

  2. This home is really cute. With that said, she talked a lot about her life and stuff that didn’t need to be talked about., I click to see the home, not so much all the jibber jabber. Sorry.

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