Her Boho Style Tiny Home & Outdoor Paradise – $25k house for freedom

Thanks to our sponsor ​@Blinds.com! We love our Light Filtering Cellular Shades; allows us to control the amount of light & privacy—perfect choice for tiny homes: https://blinds.gnv2.net/a1G9EM 🌞 Meet Danielle, a tiny house builder. She built her enchanting tiny home for $25k using 70% repurposed materials about 7 years ago. It’s given her much freedom to spend more time doing what makes her happy, from exploring nature to crafting. She also created a magical outdoor living space!


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❇️ directed & edited by Tiny House Expedition’s Christian & Alexis
❇️ shot by Christian
❇️ produced by Alexis
❇️ extra photos from the owner

Video Chapters:
0:00 – meet Danielle & her tiny home
1:57 – her tiny house spot
4:13 – tiny
7:01 – $25k tiny house & cost
9:22 – sponsor message
10:22 –
14:55 – simple living for more freedom
16:55 – tour cont’d
18:55 – smaller scale living benefits
20:55 – hello from Alexis & Christian

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  1. Thanks to our sponsor! Check out these Light Filtering Cellular Shades perfect for tiny homes (made from recycled plastic bottles): https://blinds.gnv2.net/a1G9EM 🌞 Danielle built an enchanting tiny home for $25k using about 70% repurposed materials about 7 years ago. It’s given her much freedom to spend more time doing what makes her happy, like creating a magical outdoor living space! 🏡 *Watch a tour of this $34k DIY tiny house with an elevator bed & fold-down porch:* https://youtu.be/73OM5N4mnaE

  2. I like that Danielle is aware that she has a wonderful home in a gorgeous place with a little community of encouragement & support. She is aware & grateful for this time of her life. I am very happy for her. Gratefulness makes life better even through tough times. I love what she has created.

    • I hear of so many people with housing struggles that it is impossible for me to not feel grateful for my situation. And it definitely helps that I live in such a beautiful geographic location! Thank you so much for your nice comment 🙂

  3. She has some great ideas 💡. I love the use of space under the stairs. I really love how her home 🏡looks lived in. It makes me feel like I can do that 😌.

    • It’s definitely very lived in! And for this tour it was about as clean as it will ever get 😂 Thank you!

  4. Cute home. She can still do a dormer or some kind of bump out in her bedroom. IT shouldn’t cost to much, and be done start to finish in a weekend. Just adorable. SHE could have also put in a pocket door for her bathroom. Maybe one day. How ever the pop of color works just as well to. Again a cute home.

    • Thank you! Someday….it just feels like such a big project, having to redo the roof and ceiling, all the framing, insulation, flashing the skylight, painting 😱 I will definitely do it do the line if I decide to turn it into a short term rental, and am not living in it, because it’s not very comfortable for taller people. But I’m a shorty so it’s perfect for me, and that’s all the really matters, right?! I would lose all of my built in storage in my bathroom and a shelf in my kitchen with a pocket door, but again, might consider it for a rental.

  5. It’s really helpful to hear about people’s shift from consuming careers, questioning whether the stress is worth it to “invest” in houses and live conventionally, to wanting to own and invest time in living; interesting too how we only gradually get to know ourselves and our priorities with that freedom to be quiet, explore and think, and try stuff. Thank you for sharing your pretty house, gardens and lifestyle!

    • Exactly! I love how you phrased that, “invest time in living”. Depending on the job, 40+ hours a week of working doesn’t offer up a lot of time to explore interests and hobbies, (unless of course you’re one of the lucky ones that found a way to monetize what you love to do anyway). I always felt so drained after my work week, I would literally just lay around, take care of errands and chores, and go out drinking. I love that I never have to “recoup” after my work week or look for ways to escape, I just love my life now and so much time for adventures, and yes, just time to be quiet and think! Thanks for you comment 🙂

  6. Nice to see a long-term Tiny House dweller who is so down to earth. She seems to have her priorities straight, and her simple, stress-less lifestyle is inspiring. I love that her her home looks “real” and lived in, rather than a showcase. I’ve lived Tiny for nearly three years, and while I still enjoy getting ideas from others, my space never looks like it comes out of a magazine. It’s my home — well lived in and well loved! Cudos on this one, Christian & Alexis!

  7. Very cute and quaint tiny home.
    I can definitely see that it’s her happy place.
    Frankie seems to love it too.
    Thanks for the tour.

  8. Beautiful and well thought out home. And let’s take a moment to recognise how lucky you’d be to have such an uncle. Great work 🙂

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