Her Ford Transit Camper Van – Tiny House Life in 48 States


Gypsy is on her build, the first was a bus, and the current is a van named Betty White. completing her first DIY conversion, she realized that she wanted something smaller and quicker. That thought led her into a three-month van build that’s taken her to 48 states!

The kitchen is with a deep sink, portable Coleman stovetop, and a top-loading fridge hidden under a bench seat. Although she designed a shower her van, the need for more storage trumped the space and allowed for more organization. Gypsy has a ton of personal flair in her tiny home alongside the personality to support it!

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  1. Wasn’t expecting to see the cameraman in the mirror and definitely did not expect an OnlyFans sticker right above his head hahaha that was perfectly placed for this exact moment!

  2. Between gas prices and crime not sure I would feel comfortable these days living the road life which I absolutely loved during my days cruising America

  3. If it’s a 150 degrees in Utah, and you live in a movable home, there’s better be a reason why you stay there? 🤣
    My whole idea about having a car that I can camp in, is to drive where the weather suits me best..😎
    No need to pack up a wet tent, just get in the front seat and go wherever the sun is.. ☀️😉

  4. Why are you so tan? Your skin and hair is African American color but you’re Caucasian. It’s distracting from your video. Cultural Appropriation. Just be who you are. Stop trying to be someone else. Nice van though.

  5. What a freewheeling, challenging lifestyle! But she’s got the chutzbah to pull it off with style. Love “Betty White” (and I know why you didn’t show the outside.)

  6. Nice build, I didn’t catch what she does for a living to support herself since she mentioned quitting her job to travel.

  7. Y’all. When are we going to forgo all of the appropriation like renaming ourselves “Gypsy” and wearing dreads? I like her self-reliance and confidence, but this is not someone I look up to or want to model my lifestyle after.

  8. Was that your Gun in the corner at the top… If so High Five To U For Having It… First time I’ve seen a woman have one…. Allll ladies traveling by there self should have one for sure….🤘👌👌🔥🔥🖐🖐

  9. I see that gun. Hope you don’t leave it where you have it when leaving the van. Good spot for when you are in or near the van though.

  10. Hello Gypsy and all lovely people. Thank you so much for video, tips and comments. Very helpful and way l would like to go to. Gypsy, if you are in Sacramento, CA le me know please 🙏🙏🙏 lt would be my Great pressure meet you personally. Take care and stay safe. Klara

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