Her own boss with a $200 A Frame Cabin Build -Hipcamp rental!

Meet a couple that built a DIY tiny transforming A-frame (built from a Derek “Deek” Diedricksen design/plan set (below)) that you can rent (libk below too), Built in southern Massachusetts, Jai and Hector took on this project- one that initially was a simple tent platform by a river passing through their Suburban Farm. Later, after the success of their tent site, they decided to tackle this A-frame cabin- one their built (as they explain) for only $200! This is by far the most inexpensive tiny /sleeper we’ve yet to see from these very plans. How did they make this happen on so little? Salvage, saving materials, and picking up street side freebies and discarded materials.

Rent this cabin- https://www.hipcamp.com/massachusetts/shite-foot-farms/rustic-a-frame

HERE is a link list of materials/products I use in my builds, my books, workshops, and more: FREE shed plans down below too…..

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  1. When he almost forget the tuflex panels.. i was going to comment, man i just got those at lowes for 32 a piece for my greenhouse, item 77000 for sure ha.

    • That was basically the only stuff he had to buy……. WISH I could find that stuff on the streets! Thanks for checking out the video!

  2. I want to build a cabin sooo bad! But my big concern is where to put it.. i dont own land and have no clue where to look to find communities or kind people who want to rent land out or start sustainable communities. I think a lot of people get stuck because of this challenge. Any tips would be much appreciated!!! 😊

  3. Deek! I really enjoy seeing folks completed A Frames. There’s gold in the conversations about grabbing free stuff. I’m hoarding materials for my Relaxshack now.

  4. So you can build this for $200… if you already have some materials and then somehow manage to find everything else. Yeah. Sounds so easy. “Anyone” can do it.

    • Actually it’s pretty easy to get recycled materials – look at the council pick up days. There’s always recycled selling plants, but there’s heaps of giveaways on Facebook, or freebies on gumtree. So yeah obviously you’ve never done this, but this is not a hard ask.

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