Her Spacious 42ft 5th Wheel Tiny House – Tall Bedroom & Full Bathroom


Nikki is a special teacher with three dogs and a love for natural living. She sold her home that always needed roommates to cover the of living and downsized to this perfect tiny home. Her measures 43 x 8 1/2 ft with 356 sq ft of living space.

The interior has a spacious kitchen that sits aside a large window. There’s an apartment-style fridge, a gas oven, a small microwave/ combo, and enough room to keep her Kitchenaid beside the toaster oven. Although the counter space isn’t abundant, there is plenty of cabinet storage for her items. Nikki designed this build with two upstairs lofts, primarily for her and the other for a guest or, most often, her three dogs. The bathroom is quaint but functional and sits next to her stackable washer and dryer. With a few spots for her projector screen and plants throughout, this feels like a welcoming home.

Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @filmbro_

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  3. I’ve seen a lot of tiny homes online, but this one is wonderful! I could actually see myself living there! You did a wonderful job! I love it!!!

  4. Wow!!! This home looks so much larger than the other tiny homes we’ve seen so far. We loved the wooden ceilings, and the oscillating ceiling fan on the first floor 👍🥰🤗♥️💙💚❤️. We also loved your beautiful blue antique glass lamp in your bedroom upstairs 💕🌼🌹💐🐾. Thank you for sharing your lovely 🌹🌼, cozy home with us!!! Great video tour 🙂🙂😀👍👍🎇✨✨!!! Have a nice day too 💓💖💙🐕🐕🐶🐶!!!

  5. If had a beautiful home like that I’d find a beautiful spot in a place that would except that kind of building and get myself a new job. That’s one thing about tiny you’re not tied to anything your home is movable.

  6. we keep all our make up in a zippable make up case. it looks like a mini suitcase and has compartments in it. when you want to get ready you just pull it out lay it on the edge of the sink, unzip it and go. compact but holds a ton.

  7. Gorgeous house and a beautiful young woman. Love your attitude ❤️. I’m wondering about the cost of the home. It seems plenty big with 2 bedrooms and so many windows. Thanks for sharing your home.

  8. OMG!!!!!!
    I love this tiny home.
    I thing I would change to make it Lots more Beautiful…
    I would do away with the Curtains….
    And put wooden Blinds or off white.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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