His & Hers, 2 tiny homes parked side by side & still saving $600/mo!


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πŸ‘‰Where can find ? https://tinyhouseplans.com
πŸ‘‰How can TOW my THOW to relocate or road trip?

Video Chapters:
0:00 – couple's 2
1:32 –
2:16 – Elisa's 26 ft tiny house
3:53 – their journey
6:18 – Elisa's tiny house bathroom
7:20 – affiliate message, 3D
8:29 – Elisa's
13:45 – tiny house living costs apartment
16:19 – Ryk's
23:22 – lifestyle flexibility
25:08 – heart of the movement
26:02 – hello from

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  1. Love The Idea Love The houses Now I might consider getting re- married But only if we have separate houses next Door to each other. Brilliant Idea. May The Blessings Go With You Guys Always. Good Luck putting them on the boat To Hawaii( smile).

  2. What a great couple. I love how they can each create their own art space and decor in their tiny home. Both houses are awesome. I’d take them both! What a wonderful setup.
    Best wishes.

  3. We have discussed this. We all ready sleep seperate rooms. Love each other to death. This is really comming to a thought for the both us.

  4. I can only laugh at how much our two tinys would be different. All same can see it verry much working for us. I just can’t get him hooked into it.

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