Hoarder Downsizes to Gorgeous TINY HOUSE with her Cats & Changes her Life

Jen used to be a hoarder and her “things” were controlling her life. Now she has downsized into a beautiful, clutter-free with her two kitties.

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Drone Shot: Jonathan Benabed


  1. Hi this message is for Jen if it’s possible for her to respond.
    I was wondering how you were able to have a business and make herbal remedies in such a tiny space? I’m an herbalist and am struggling with the limited space I have now and my house is small, but not on purpose (672sq.ft). I’m wondering do you make all your remedies from scratch or combine already made liquid remedies into formulas? I ask because I’m wondering where you put your bulk herbs and materials, and where do you put the remedies while they are infusing?
    Either way nice place…just wondering how you are managing. Maybe you are more tidy than I am! 😛
    Although I too struggle with too much stuff and am working on whittling down now to live minimally so I can have more space to create rather than sort! Because honestly I’m drowning in stuff!!
    OH how many square feet is your home, or did I miss that?

  2. The catwalk is cute! wow! it’s amazing when she is able to save $600 a month because of bills you no longer have to worry about! Her home is really sustainable living with its own rain water collection and composting toilet.

  3. She still filled it with useless junk. She’s not completely cured. There’s SOOOO much clutter in that tiny house.

  4. I wish there was regulations allowing tiny homes lots/tiny homes community in the cities. So many ppl would be or on their way to be debt free.
    Many ppl are house poor and the way things are going many more will be rent poor too! These rents are getting insane!

  5. i love this one!! the little cat walk is adorable, and one that people can walk on too? wow… gotta get one of those.

  6. Her washing machine needs to be leveled/ balanced . She can do that by the screwing/unscrewing the boot like feet underneath it until its level . Should fix the vibrating of house 🙂

  7. So going with this company when I’m ready to build my tiny home!!
    This home is AMAZING & NOT an arm & a leg for BUILD!! LOVE the water system also!!!
    Did I mention….I WANT ONE??😊🤣

  8. Cat ladies are starting to seem more valuable in society to me. They choose to stay single instead of tricking some man to marry them just to get a few kids out of him and divorce him for child support 7-10 years later. Less ruined kids and broken Men for the future.

  9. I used to work for the company that made her water heater (A O Smith). The FIRST thing you learn is it is NOT a HOT water heater…you don’t heat hot water, do you? It is a WATER heater. 😉

  10. I just Love your home, all the decor and not to forget inlove with your catwalk. Your cats are beautiful. I would just love to live like you do. And by the way I have 4 cats, and they are amazing spirits, and I love them so much. 💘💝☯️☮️⚛️🛐👍🏻🙏🏻😻

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