Home deconstructed: 2 wee units, outdoor living, 360-views

On a California mountaintop with no access power, David Latimer created a deconstructed home from two tiny houses on wheels enclosing an outdoor bed, kitchen, and living room. In the balmy SoCal environment, this blurring of the lines between indoors and outdoors means capturing more space without pulling permits nor adding expense and it guarantees a constant connection to nature.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, with no formal design experience except for high school summers in construction, Latimer made a name for himself in Los Angeles working with actress Olivia Wilde and author Cornelia Funke (Inkheart series) designing unique tiny homes.

His work boasts signature flourishes like the all-glass -wall garage doors and hidden under-the-kitchen sliding beds, but what truly sets his work apart is the strategic lighting. During the day the skylights, clerestory, and full-wall light up his spaces but at nightfall, the LED valance lighting transforms them into magical glow boxes.

New Frontier Design: https://www.newfrontierdesign.com/

On *faircompanies: https://faircompanies.com/videos/dream-off-grid-2-glow-homes-360-views-outdoor-kitchen/


  1. I had seen a video of one of the first tiny homes David had done, very similar to the one shown in the beginning of this video. In this iteration on that home he has really upped his game, this is very well thought out and finished.
    This channel has such a great eclectic collection of ideas on living spaces.

  2. Great design. Think it would be great as a get away but can’t see it full time long term. Wondering about cost as well. Cali with views like that has to be costly and I doubt those units came cheap either. Quality like that doesn’t. This in the end is for what I would think is a pretty high end clietele. Still it works and I sure wouldn’t mind living there. The only thing I would change, for me anyway, is a hard structure roof over that outdoor kitchen.

    • Well I answered my own question by looking at his website. The prices seem fair for the product he is delivering. I base that on what I have seen at trade shows amd local builds and from the fact that have been a builder for going on 50 years. His design and fit and finish are comparable to high end homes I am currently building.

  3. How long have you guys been doing these videos? Years? Why do you continue to shoot in 30 frames and insist on trying to slow down the footage? Shoot a higher frame rate for your slo-mo shots.

  4. A beautiful setting for sure and some nice design features but I struggled watching this vid. Just a personal aversion to David’s style-cowboy vanity. Each to their own.

  5. I like the concept, but don’t understand how it is truly practical to have so much outside exposed to the weather. Wouldn’t the sun exposure, rain, dust, critters, etc. just ruin the bed for example?

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