HOW MUCH MONEY MY TINY HOUSES MAKE and why Airbnb is the best way to make passive income

Because so many of you have asked how much money my tiny houses make on a monthly basis, I’ve decided to finally create a video that gives you a snapshot of my operation. In today’s video, I go into depth on both my gross profit and net profit after all expenses including tax, insurance, utilities and cleaning fees.

I became an Airbnb host just a few years ago. Never in a million years did I think that it would evolve into such a lucrative passive income source for me. I started with one apartment and quickly scaled that into a 10-unit operation that now includes a house, condo, two belle tents, a yurt, an airstream, an a-frame, two tiny houses and a small home. I currently work a full-time job, but the dream, of course, is to one day quit my 9-5 so I can become a full-time Airbnb host and Youtuber. Every year, I get a little closer to realizing that dream.

Some basic numbers to keep in mind. My tiny house in Los Angeles cost me about $72,000 to build. My was $165,000 to build start to finish. That lil’ guy was about twice the cost because I had to buy the land and hire a general contractor to carry out the build.

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00:00 Intro
2:17 Tiny House Costs
2:51 People be mad
4:04 How much my tiny houses make
14:19 The Golden Question
14:49 I was right
15:10 Outro


  1. I also have an Airbnb and the one tip I can suggest is to look into beyond 3rd party website that will adjust your nightly rate every day based on local events, prices of hotels, and other short term rentals in your area. 90 day free trial and then they charge 1 % of booked revenue. They even mirror my calandras from Airbnb and VRBO so no risk of double bookings while getting more exposure on multiple listing sites.

  2. Thank you so much for the information.

    I’m currently looking to buy a home with a large enough plot size to build a tiny home

    Wish me luck

  3. Hey man, your video is being shared around locally. I own The Cohost Company in town, and I’m a little shocked how poorly performing your house is doing compared to its potential. I manage tiny 1 bedroom houses where I literally grossed them TWICE as much money. Then even after paying my management fee owners were ALSO pocketing twice as much money (expenses ratio drops as nightly rates increase). Let me run it and I’ll show you what the Joshua Tree market can really do? hmu

  4. you inspire me to become an airbnb host!
    I have a couple of questions:
    Did you factor in how much airbnb take from your profit?
    and how do you manage the property from LA?
    Guess this also answer your question – yes, please share more on topic like this!

  5. This is great info. It’s nice to see the comparison between an urbanized tiny home versus the rural/scenic one.

    Would love to learn more about the process you had to go through to contract and build the Joshua Tree home.

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