How she built a Tiny House with 70% Recycled Materials for $25k


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❇️ edited by Payton Wagner,
❇️ extra photos from the homeowners

0:00 – Tiny Build Stories intro
0:38 – meet the DIY builder
1:00 – DIY tiny house stats
1:14 – her approach
3:16 – installing siding
4:16 – tiny house financing
5:07 – sourcing low-cost
6:24 – what she plans to
7:47 – advice for potential DIY builders
9:14 – watch the tiny home !

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  1. *Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series ABOUT building insights, tips & how-tos!* 🏡🛠New episodes on Tuesdays.
    👉 *Watch the FULL tour of this Tiny House:* ✨Danielle shares her approach for designing & building her 6m/20ft THOW, top places to source materials, how to install cedar shake siding & her advice for future DIYers!

  2. You have done such an amazing job. I love, LOVE it all. From colors to the style and the windows. You have made yourself a little piece of heaven, including a small pond with goldfish in it 😂😂. How wonderful. Only if I was as smart as you when I was much younger. Enjoy it all, my dear, and wish you all the best. ❤❤

  3. Love this tiny nice work on the exterior i love the staggered look . The interior I could deffinantly live with, look’s like a wee cabin but as Daniell said i myself would have raise the loft roof some up to give more room maybe as money come’s in she can do a reno in that area she has made a lovley 1st tiny home love that she used recycled materials that is what id want to do, lol first id have to learn how to use a drill saw and so on Great work Danielle love the tiny you have for your sweet dog and self . Ontario , Canada.

  4. Why are all these people in Colorado Oregon and Seattle? I love tiny homes but when I’m realizing now is that only lowers one of your costs it doesn’t lower all of your costs that’s why I think relocating abroad at this point is the better option it’s actually cheaper than getting a tiny home

    • We actually film a lot of tiny house people in places like Texas and North Carolina where traditional home prices have soared. There aren’t many places in the US where you can find affordable homes, and sometimes relocating to a very rural area in a different state doesn’t make sense or isn’t desired. But you’re right, some areas have less expensive housing than others

    • We hear you! Really hope lumber prices will come down. If you can, keep your eyes peeled for deals on Criagslist, Fb Marketplace, Habitat Restore & building surplus stores. Also, dumpster diving at new construction sites (with permission is optional 😉). Insane how much waste they produce, that’s still perfectly good!

  5. So cozy! Looks like she has a great parking spot too. I always admire those who say they don’t have building skills who dive in and go for it anyway. That stained glass window is gorgeous! Her roomie is adorable too! Such a cute puppy!

  6. You Tube😡!
    You did an amazing job with your home!
    Especially when you don’t have any experience naturally 🌟.
    JO JO IN VT 💞

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