How These Women Are Going to Legalize Tiny House Living in BC

Sam and Stasia co-founded the Collective to legitimize and tiny houses in the province of British Columbia, .

They now have thousands of people supporting them, and over a hundred volunteers to help with everything from building tiny houses and analyzing research data, to updating their website.

They have a 3-pronged approach to legalizing tiny houses:

1) Educate and Engage: with the community;

2) Research: to find out who is interested in tiny houses, and what the barriers are to having them legalized in Vancouver and municipalities across BC;

3) Pilot Projects: to observe and reflect on what works and what doesn’t before legalizing on a large scale.

We really admire these two ladies and the incredible amount of passion, thought, and time they’ve put into this to support and encourage the tiny house movement in BC.

We hope they’re successful in their goals so that other cities, provinces, and states can observe and learn from their successes and challenges. We hope to see a tiny homes are legitimate housing options.

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Photos of the BC Tiny House Collective by:
Wendy Cooper, Melissa Zouhair, and Amy Adams

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  1. I am always amazed about your videos, the people you meet and the different houses/projects you share with us! Thanks for all your great work! I don’t think we actually have tiny houses as such in switzerland (and I don’t think it would be legal to live in them permanent) but houses are generally A LOT smaller here due to the lack of space and the very high cost for building land. So I really enjoy watching your videos

  2. They should get a hold of Randy Jones. He has started a tiny house community in Morristown, Tennessee. And he has a rain water recycling barrel where it has 3 filters on it just like the NASA program uses on the space station but with composting stools. He’s going to be doing another tiny home jam in 2018 check his website for dates. You can get good information on how he goes about all this.
    I’m telling you Randy is a go getter. He’s on FB live a lot & has a YouTube channel. Your not listening to me…….

  3. all the people in the world should be concerned with tax structure, politicians are rich Governments are inefficient in use of tax money. all of us will never own our home , pay tax or you will be removed to the street. it should be unlawful to force a family out of their home when they proof ”no means$” but those greedy rich, make the ”law” it is up to all people ”get involved in GOV. town state fed. teach kids early. if more taxes could be taken by Government for living in a cocoon hanging from a tree, IT WOULD BE LEGAL

  4. Great video. We are in Ontario and it is so difficult to find anywhere to put a Tiny House at all. We have decided-for now- to convert a van but are watching the Tiny House options closely for the future.

  5. As a student, paying rent, this would be an amazing option to explore! The flexibility and opportunities of living in a tiny home would be fantastic and honestly ideal for many people. Especially the younger population, who are aware how ruined the house market is. I would much rather pay for rent/mortgage of a tiny home than the over priced wooden apartments that we have no option to live in.

  6. I’ve been living in my tiny home on Canada’s west coast for nearly 4 years now, except my tiny home is a sailboat. It is great to see these two promoting this great movement!

  7. A tiny house on wheels is a loophole that the government doesn’t like.  It nets them less tax money, permit money, and all the required “licenced” business’ money as well.  Similar to Bitcoin, or anything peer to peer that doesn’t require big brother to hold your hand.  Relaxed planning and zoning areas are slowly being squeezed out.  Officials will claim that it is for the best interest of our environment, but it’s most likely about the money they aren’t able to force us to pay.

  8. Super interesting! I know my city, Kelowna, is working on densifying the downtown area, and are trying to plan for an increase in row houses or small apartment buildings. I can imagine there being lots of issues for both urban planners and tiny home builders in how to have conversations about what is best, but the first step is putting them on to everyones radar as a viable option!

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