How they built their dream Tiny House & improved their relationship


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0:00 – Build Stories intro
0:38 – meet the builders
1:02 – house stats
1:14 – tiny house phases
4:10 – how to hide the wells
5:12 – 's
6:20 – how Rachel learned to build
8:04 – advice for future DIYers
9:26 – 2nd tiny house built with recycled
11:11 – building together as a couple
13:34 – watch the tiny house !

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  1. *Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series ABOUT building insights, tips & how-tos!* 🏡🛠New episodes on Tuesdays.
    👉 *Watch the FULL tour of this Tiny House here:* ✨John & Rachel built their dream home, a 12 m / 40 ft tiny house on wheels. They share how they did it, design tips & great advice for how to get started if you want to build your own. Are you considering building a tiny home??

  2. We have a dog named Ben who is the spitting image of your dog on the top bunk – he is a husky/lab mix with shepherd and pit pull and a few others. I mean, they look like twins. Love the house – great job.

    • It is extra! 😄 When we film with DIYers they have some many great insights to share, we can’t fit it all into the tour (tour link in pinned comment). So we started DIY Tiny Home Build Storie–focuses on more nitty gritty build experience, advice for others & some how-tos. New episodes every Tuesday 🛠️

  3. The home is full of unique decor. It’s just beautiful. Nothing cookie cutter about the house. Taking their time, using a lot of elbow grease and working with 60% free/recycled materials resulted in one of the nicest homes and deck areas I’ve seen!

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