How to Winterize a Tiny House with specifics!

After spending two winters in my , I’ve learned a thing or two about .

Keep in mind, every Tiny House (and appliance) is different. Some appliances are not meant for use. Off-grid winterizing is a slightly different process. For example, electricity would need to be generated from solar or a gas generator. You also may need to dig a french drain for your grey water, below the frost line, in early autumn (if no sewer is available).


  1. Not below 20 F? We are getting 18 here in East TN. I see from your
    neighbors videos you are getting below 0. Do you have a pressure regulator
    for that fill line?

  2. WHY not coil the extra heated hose around the facet upright? can see there
    isn’t snow where the hose is coiled, seems you could use that to help fight
    the cold! just a thought?

  3. Thanks for the helpful tips on winterizing your tiny house! These tips
    could also benefit someone who lives in a RV fulltime.

  4. Is maintenance on the tiny house harder now that your single. and have you
    considered making something to plug up the racoon ports, LOL. Also, have
    you done anything inside to insulate from the cold?

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