HUGE three story tree house- “Homestead Building” With Natural Materials

This place/tree house compound is amazing and I almost don’t want to plug it, as its only open a few months for rentals each year and I’d like to return (a third time). I can’t say enough good things about this tree house “resort”- its just beautiful there and the owner Rick is an incredibly nice guy. Some tree house/ rentals are a high-priced rip, but this one (while not “cheap”) is price accordingly and well worth every penny. Anyway, here is a look at another tree house (future rental) that Rick is working on, and we thank him for letting us check it out. This was shot last summer (2019) and by now this place is probably quite a bit more finished than what you’ll see here. “The Hermit’s Thrush Tree House” is the name of the other one you catch a glimpse of- I have another tour video of that too. The place is friggin’ magical.


  1. While I watch all your videos, and enjoy them, I’m so happy to see you doing the kind of thing that made me a subscriber in the first place. I love seeing these unique, creative builds through your eyes. I hope you will follow up on this when it’s finished…it looks magical!

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