I moved in!!! (Building a Tiny House)


  1. It happens on almost every channel I subscribe to, same scam, telegram, you’ve been selected. I hope everyone realizes what crap it is and not to fall for it.

  2. Maybe get a caravan plug (IEC 60309, Blue P+N+E, 6h?) to replace those Wagos? It doesn’t look safe and/or reliable when live wires are getting directly rained on.

  3. So cool, it’s ready for you! I can’t wait to see how the grass goes and can I say, I watch your channel specifically because you don’t do everything by the book. No actually not just that, there’s lots of reasons, but that’s definitely one.

  4. Someone say BBQ? Oil drum… angle grinder… welder… and can build the best BBQ smoker for the summer when it comes! Aaron Franklin has a video on here of home made BBQ smokers!

  5. I’m here to enjoy watching her doing what she liked, her own way. Now watching her moving in to her tiny house.

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