“I’m a Maximist” Tiny Houses Aren’t Just for Minimalists

Maximist" Aren't Just for Minimalists">

Part of the (tiny) Home Tour of America, a Expedition and collaboration. FULL Tour coming next Friday, 9/7!
✨Meet Andy. He is a self-described “maximist”. He lives in a tiny house that is full of all his favorite things and hobbies; everything is just carefully displayed or stored– kinda of like a nesting doll system. For Andy, is an opportunity to create more flexibility in his life, from early retirement to more travel. It’s all about the freedom of choice. His advice: soul search & do you!

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********************************************************************* New to our Channel? Welcome! We are Alexis and Christian, and this is our nomadic life! 🚚🏡💨. After falling in love and building our 130 sq ft , we hit the road to explore the for our documentary and educational project. Together we are on a journey with a purpose and are now the World’s Most Traveled Tiny House.

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✨Our Purpose: Inspire and empower others to redefine home and rethink housing as means to provide more sustainable options, more meaningful lifestyles and more connected communities.

🏡 For us, tiny living is all about living consciously, living simply and living in harmony with our surroundings to create more abundance on personal and community levels. And it’s our ticket to adventure!


  1. Ah, the little entree plates at the end. I wonder what they had for the main course? Oh, and of course, it sounded like he had a good life going there. Well done to him.

  2. LOVE IT !!!!! One of the most livable and usable tiny homes I have seen! It actually has a bigger kitchen area than my walk through kitchen in my 850sq ft home and I dont even have a dishwasher.

  3. But how do you buy a nice one without going into debt? You could buy a 800 to 1k sq.ft. house for the same price as these tiny homes. I love the tiny homes but can’t see how that makes sense. Moving them is a plus but its not really easy to find places to put them so you usually end up stationary, so why not just buy a home for the same price at the point?

    • Unfortunately it’s very difficult to find affordable small, especially in Charleston where Andy lives. There the price for that size house is 2-3.5x a tiny house. And in many towns, it’s hard to find small houses at all.

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