Impeccably Designed Portland ADU w/ ADU 101: How Do Tiny Houses Fit?

Meet Kol Peterson, a well-respected accessory dwelling unit expert in Portland, OR and author of the “Backdoor Revolution: the Definitive Guide to ADU Development”. He and his wife built a beautifully designed ADU, their dream home. It's 800 square feet, or as they see it, 400 sqft/person. They live in it full-time in the backyard of their big rental property.

Kol gives us a of their extremely well-thought-out space, inside and out. He shares insights into what ADUs are and why infill housing is so important for the environment and to create housing equity. Kol also points out the differences between ADUs and tiny houses on wheels.

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  1. Ahhh Portland.the city where antifa can attack both you and the cops in broad day light and get away with it. Where you can be beaten down for says you shouldnt murder a baby or it’s your right to own a fire arm or that you believe in god. Great place for tiny homes but it’s a clown show for everything else……but I like the house hehe

  2. this was less of a house tour here- more of the owner standing on camera giving a tutorial for local building codes. i would have preferred to see more of the house details, even while he talked. what i saw was very pretty tho.

  3. Dude talked waaaay too much and was very repeatable and show us almost no home. The title says “Impeccably designed Portland ADU” and i feel cheated since it’s a catch phrase and we really did not get to see the house at all but rather listen to this dude ramble on and on.

  4. It seems like a good idea that other places insist on owner occupancy in either the main house or the smaller one.
    Otherwise rich investors can just buy up homes, add that smaller house over and over. Once investors get involved they drive up prices of homes and rentals!

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