Impressive Custom Tiny House with Super Unique Design Features – FULL TOUR

This family’s ultra 32′ tiny house on wheels was built by D’Arcy from Acorn Tiny Homes. It has a beautiful chef’s kitchen, a cozy living room, a home office loft, two large loft bedrooms, an atrium shower & bathtub, and a super functional entrance with storage, a washing machine, and more. This house is bright and beautiful, and it’s packed with loads of functionality, storage, and space-saving design ideas!

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Mat & Danielle



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  1. Very well designed and thoughtfully planned including their fur baby which most people tend to forget about when planning their home. I love the dressing area away from the bathroom. It’s one of the better designs I’ve see with 3 lofts. He said he builds tiny houses. It would be awesome to see a few of those too. Great work D’Arcy.

  2. Beautiful efficient built. Well organized and thought of everything. Congratulations 🎊. Good to know your a builder.

  3. So many fantastic ideas but the chest freezer in the corner is genius! Corners ARE useless and the chest is fantastic.

  4. if you think that toddler can’t find a way to get up those stairs tell my young daughter that scaled five shelves in the bathroom closet to take all the Advil she could lay her little bitty hands on / wife calls me off tennis court to go to emergency room / girl at desk wants all info to (ins DOB, moms maiden name etc) daughter pukes on girl at desk keyboard / says ok you can go right back to doc LOL LOL LOL

  5. That shower! Fantastic!
    I don’t have claustrophobia but if there are one place I want plenty of space around me is in the shower. If I ever build a tiny house, I will steal that design.😊

  6. So far the nicest of all the tiny homes I have seen online 🙂 but I am also curious: how difficult is it to transport the tiny house to a new location? Is the idea of moving every few months or years around with the house practical? Can a regular car transport the house or does it need something more powerful? And how difficult is it to connect the house to water & power?

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