Incredible BIG Modern Tiny House With Amazing Storage

This beautiful Hampton-style inspired home in Queensland, Australia is absolutely packed full of super clever and storage ideas. At 12 meters in length (39ft) one is big as far a tiny homes go and each and every inch of this has been ingeniously utilised to create a stunning and functional home.

This is a tiny house that really does have it all. Modern, with design inspiration borrowed from Hampton homes, this tiny house on wheels has all the modern features, including smart home control and even an incinerating toilet.

The heavy duty gooseneck trailer allows for greater weight allowance and a single level design to future proof the home for Colin and Megan who plan to retire in the home. The larger home construction has allowed the couple to downsize from their previous family home, without needing to compromise on their needs.

Colin previously worked as a cabinet maker and his skill is evident throughout the home’s construction where he has thoroughly through through each and every inch of the homes design and added some incredibly clever features, especially when it comes to the homes ample storage!

Enjoy the full video tour of this spectacular, very clever tiny house!

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
Editing: Rasa Pescud & Benjamin Newton

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  1. I hope you all enjoy this weeks video! There are so many exceptional small space design ideas in this tiny house. Amazing to see how well the space has been used. Loads of inspiration in this one! Thanks all for watching. I hope you’re staying safe and well! With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. It is just only me? The meaning and purpose of tiny home is already long gone. Indeed it is an absolute beautiful home, but that price. You can get at least 2 furnished mobile home with 2 bedrooms in European countries, that are designed for people who really want to get out of mortgage and financial burden.
    When you want everything everywhere you go, you didn’t opt for a more simple life, but compromise your luxury dream to a cheaper form. When this animal is not tamed, it’ll continue to grow and eat you back one day. This is why tiny home has become bigger and bigger, more and more luxury, more and more expensive. Missing its original meaning and purpose already.

  3. This home is so beautiful and cleverly thought out. The kitchen is beautiful and as a baker would work perfectly for me. I could really picture myself downsizing and living in a home such as this.

  4. Beautiful couple and Wow! what a beautiful well thought out Home. Have to say this is up there with one of my favourite tiny homes.
    Best wishes x

  5. My favorite hse so far looks like it’s on foundation and not on wheels…with so much storage I wud forget wat is wea…love the show from Kenya.

  6. Fabulous interior design and innovation. The house doesn’t seem tiny at all and I love the full height bedroom. This man could make a fortune from designing other people’s small houses – if he wanted to, that is.

  7. I’m totally blown away with this one! The best so far! I think there is too much of the kitchen by that window they hope to use as open serving window (the counter there) is too much for me, but still very nice. The lighting, the stairs, bathroom space and storage is awesome. The decor is my personal style and my apartment is similar. I love the bright clean look and easier to clean.
    As for the comment of affordability, I’ve come to realize it is not affordable for us at all. 🙄I wish they would quit saying that. We couldn’t afford a house to begin with , how could we afford that? We’re in our 50’s and still struggle with steady employment.

  8. Amazing to see that they thought this through, considering their seniority. They won’t have to crouch down to the bedroom when they get older. Really beautiful home. Congrats!!

  9. Much respect to you for incorporating level storage and technology in this jewel of a small home. Nicely, nicely done!

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