1. I was riding my bicycle across the state of Washington last fall and I ran
    in to John on my way up Washington pass. I was low on water and he was kind
    enough to fill up my bottles. He is a super nice guy and a great artist. He
    was on his way to the Tonasket barter fair to sell his wares. I was only
    able to see the exterior of his house truck, until now. Great interview
    Jenna and Guillaume, keep it up!

  2. Wow, how cool… to see the guy drivin down the road, way to seize an
    opportunity! Thanks for the tour inside such a cool design! Definitely

  3. very comfortable space. real nice.. so unique i really like how its an old
    firetruck! one question though- toilet? did i miss it? 

  4. This is only the second video of yours I’ve seen so far (just subscribed)
    but what a blast – peeking into the homes and lives of these artistic,
    unconventional, bold people.

    They seem to be rather quiet, unassuming people… but to carve out a life
    that is akin to coloring outside the lines takes courage and confidence.
    Neat interview.

  5. The people you meet at random on the road. The wonders of traveling on the
    road.You would never expect a guy like that to be so inviting. Creative in
    many ways. Great find and cool video.

  6. This guy is pretty ingenious! I thought that the inside was amazing and
    then he goes and pops the modified hood to reveal more artistry. VERY COOL!

  7. Dude, awesome build! By far the nicest house truck I, be seen.! If I could
    offer a seemingly small bit of advice to a guy that is living the life.
    Most men just fantasize about. Condoms. Some night on the road some sweet
    young thang is gonna want a Full tour of your dream machine. If you don’t
    wrap your rascal in 9 months this awesome creation of yours will get parked
    behind some crappy trailer park horror so your pack of, yeh now there’s 2-3
    of them, children can use it as a clubhouse! Condom!

  8. You guys are doing a GREAT job! Please keep your videos coming. They are
    excellent. You ask great questions. Cheers!

  9. Awesome, badass and effin cool ! I love all the artwork
    (windows/doors/paint stripping) and the rusty look of that old beautiful
    truck. And there’s a lot of space inside ! Totally mint ! :)

  10. Those houses built on trucks have so much character! A beauty all their
    own. This guy’s truck was just flat out cool, with the bike on the back! I
    wonder if he is doing a blog. He should have a blog, he could sell his
    stuff online as well.

    You guys are doing a great job. I tiny house and their owners montage at
    the beginning of your videos.

    Have you guys reached the half way mark, yet? Are you going to celebrate

  11. Another awkward interview… Please change host I love the channel and the
    concept just need more charasmatic host

    • I understand that you might not like Jenna’s style, but I’m wondering what
      you think youtube is. This is not on commercial tv, it’s not run by
      producers that will swap round the hosts based on popularity. Perhaps you
      should be grateful that people like Jenna and Guillaume are willing to
      spend time making and uploading videos to show you because it is quite a
      commitment. I personally feel very reassured that Jenna does these
      interviews, because her and Guillaume’s Tiny House is amazing and I know
      that she has a lot of expertise in Tiny Houses

    • I guess I was just trying to give some constructive criticism. She does not
      have her own style thats exactly the point she should just be herself.
      SOrry if I came off as a troll I jsut really like the tiny house movement
      and Id hate for the interviews to continue being as stale as they are
      having so much to talk about. Its a life changing experience these folks
      are doing… be a little creative.

    • I did think you were a bit of a troll to be honest just because I’m just
      not sure that saying “get a new host” is exactly constructive criticism,
      but those last comments definitely were more constructive 🙂

  12. You’ve got a gift. Your interviewing skills are great. This vid would have
    been flat if it wasn’t for you. Good Ideas

    I have to wonder why someone hasn’t taken a truck like this & welded on a
    20′ shipping container. Then fit it out with amenities.

    Just a thought.

    Great vid….

    • +GyzelFilmz by Tony Rangel Unfortunately, I am awkward! I live in a tiny
      house… remember? No but seriously I read these comments and try to do
      better with each interview. Although, some of the critiques are
      contradictory, so it’s difficult to please everyone. I don’t like to be on
      camera, and neither did John from what I gathered. We try our best to be
      “on-camera personalities” so we can share these spectacular homes with
      everyone, but really all we want to do is go be hippies in the woods.

    • Jenna, I personally enjoy your interviewing style. It has a casual polish.
      I’m not a fan of overproduced crap…instead, I choose genuine, authentic
      humans talking about stuff that they’re passionate about. You ask really
      good questions, as any proper journalist would, comments are very
      constructive, and the content is all substance, no filler, which is a
      requirement for this interview junkie. 🙂

      This channel’s perfect for people who enjoy a more documentary-style
      mini-film. If anyone’s looking for plastic people, there’s always HGTV.

    • +Tiny House Giant Journey Thak you for spending time making videos and
      uploading….I know the editing time for me is a P.I.T.A. I think you do a
      great job interviewing and apprecialte your unselfishness demonstrated
      by sharing with others… I too would rather just be “gone”….but we want
      to help others find their freedom too and so we are always talking about
      tiny houses and refer to ourselves as pardigm shifters. Welcome to the

    • +Tiny House Giant Journey I agree with MoGyver. I like your interviewing
      style. Usually if it’s awkward it’s from the people your interviewing. This
      guy seemed like a nice guy, but i’d be a liar if i said he didn’t sound a
      tad stoned. Even the cat was kind of derping out with its head in its bowl.
      Must have caught some smoke XD

      But no, seriously, he didn’t seem very prepared for this interview, and
      neither did the house. He spoke in a way that really didn’t provide fluid
      conversation progression. At the same time, he seemed like a pretty nice
      person, like a hippy biker. And anyone who puts their cats bed next to
      their bed is probably pretty chill.

  13. Awesome House Truck! Anyone know if building one of those would be cheaper
    than building a tiny house on a flatbed?

    • Unless you can do all the automotive work yourself…I’m sorry but no…
      however… building a tiny house that you can drag onto a trailer is the
      easiest/ cheapest…like hickory sheds you find online… they have a
      strong floor system that enables them to be drug around….. If you don’t
      attach to a foundation then it’s not permanent and you got around the
      housing codes…besides never admit to “living” in it… you just use it to
      store personal items and it is just my “mobile” storage…beats the law….
      then you don’t even have to buy a trailer…every time you wish to move you
      just hire a tilt back flatbed tow truck and drag it on/ dump it off…..so
      it doesn’t get dropped… this saves you from registering/buying a trailer,
      maintaining tires/bearings, wiring,etc. I am building a module that will
      fit on my flatbed… but remove so I can still haul cars and stuff on the
      flatbed when the house module isn’t needing to be mobile….just another

  14. I love seeing all the different houses and their owners! This one was great
    and I can’t wait to see yours again. Right now I’m tiny house living
    through your channel.

  15. that is one kool camper ,glad you found him ,very interesting , if you get
    in knoxville tn area and need to boondock i have 4 ac you can stay at ,
    easy to get to ,& peacefull
    tks for the great videos.

  16. Great Video !!!! I love this guy, So Creative with his art, jewlery & his
    Awesome Home and leather work as well !! very Cool guy !! I’m glad he was
    Smart to have his motorcycle on board too, just in case !! No being
    Stranded for him. I thoroughly enjoyed this video guys thanks 4 sharing.
    When pulling ppl over we can’t expect them to show us their shower &
    bathroom situations All the time, thanks Again !!!

    • Jenna is a blogger / freelance writer / social media manager for a few
      online companies. Guillaume is a photographer and tiny house workshop host
      for Tumbleweed Tiny Homes.

  17. I could hangout with this dude all day. What a trip. I have questions…why
    did he choose this lifestyle? What are the finances like on the road? What
    is the overall cost of the build? What kind of gas mileage does that rig
    get? How long does he hangout in one place before moving on? Where does he
    stay when he stops? Can he plug into shore power and water? Does he have
    any solar? Yeah, I could hangout with this dude all day but I think he
    could only take me badgering him with questions for about 2 minutes 🙂
    Great find on the road. Thanks for sharing. 

  18. I know you said in another video in the comments that Deek did a tour of
    your house, but I would love to see a personalized one by you two! Love the
    videos. :^)

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