Incredible Shipping Container Home By The Sea Is A Small Space Marvel

After spending it's life on the ocean, this shipping container landed on the shores of Zealand where it was transformed into a spectacular home for a dynamic young couple. After living in the container home for three years, a new addition to the family inspired a renovation project which saw the tiny house transform into a family home.

Kim and James have done an job with the design and build of their container home. Completely council consented, they constructed their home from a 40ft shipping container which was chopped down to 30ft to be able to fit onto the section and fit in with local regulations. Around the container home, they have constructed a large deck and a wonderful outdoor living area.

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The home is positioned above two 20ft shipping containers, one which acts as storage space and one which functions as a base of operations for the couple's , a t-shirt design and printing business. Ultimately here, James and Kim have created a spectacular work / home balance thanks to some very clever small space design.

Kim is also an author who has recently published a children's book about an architect deigning a tiny house.
Check out Jame's and Kim's t-shirt designs:

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  1. First of all my condolences to everyone affected by the terrible incident in New Zealand ….. 2ndly What an awesome home!!!

  2. I love this house. The inside is lovely. Really like the adjustments for the baby. I like that the bed is not on display, but it’s not a loft.

  3. I have commented on your response with words of support, love etc on your personal comment Bryce.

    I do wish to comment on this video as well because the design features in this like the slide out bed, cupboards, the table etc are just brilliant and it makes me want to, somehow, some time in the future build my own container home. I have watched countless of your videos and love to see how peeled design their tiny homes, many on wheels. For myself though, after seeing quite a few of your videos in container homes (and a couple on Grand Designs ?) I think I’ve found the answer to the questing I’ve been asking myself for a long time. I have disabilities and live on a pension and there is no way, that I can see at the moment, that I’ll ever be able to buy a conventional house even if that was what I wanted. I am likely to inherit a small amount of money and am excited by the idea of being able to create and live in my own space!

    Thank you SO MUCH for all the work you and your wife do to bring us these inspirational videos. It must be such hard work traveling all around your own country and all over the world, getting to peek into other people’s incredible homes and see how Sooo many have figured out how to bypass the incredible debts and the accumulation of stuff that conventional living has produced in the past! I envy you both, I think such a “job” would bring joy, education, satisfaction and so many other qualities to your lives!! Thank you, thank you, thank you and blessings to you and your family ???

  4. While it terribly sad about the shootings in NZ, but it seems unfair to turn the video into a message board all about that. Its about this fabulous house.

  5. Bryce and Rasa I’ve been keeping you both as well as all of New Zealand in my prayers since the tragic shooting incident. Praying you both stay safe.

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