Incredible Tiny Home in The Forest – Tiny House tour in 4k

Sam decided to build a because she was tired of paying high rent prices in Vancouver BC, and because she wanted to live a more sustainable lifestyle surrounded by nature on land that she loves. Sam works remotely for non-profits which is perfect for living in the .
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  1. Havnt I seen Sam in a vanlife vlog? The toilet is very interesting, Ive racked my brains on ideas to keep poop dry so it brakes down fast as fertiliser (my tiny house is on 30 wooded acres so not a problem. I make like a bear). My advice have a small van for carrying and sleeping versatility and a small 4 stroke dirt bike with panniers for cheap commuting shopping etc. No gas guzzlers. And buy a few acres pay the rates (chase off any natives if you have to.. In my case a couple of possums) for security. Once you’ve got solar, rainwater tank and wood combustion stove and a decent stock of home brew, (or praps mung beans and grass juice in Sams case???) you are home and hosed, and wonder why you didn’t do it 20 yrs ago.

  2. Oh crap! My heart sank when she said we!!!! as though I had a chance. a guy can dream though right. smart and gorgeous. her partner better be treating her well or else I,,,, I,,,, ahaaaa never mind.

  3. What would be considered contaminated urine? If you took medications? If you have a UTI? If you have a yeast infection? Just curious. Most people I talk to that take any sort med don t consider their urine contaminated. Which is kind of crazy to me.

  4. Adam’s Peanut Butter……..the bomb. I envy you. I adore Vancouver BC and were I younger…..I would be totally on board with this.

  5. Not liking the closet in the living room. Makes it feel like camping. I think a secret to good tiny house living is to be able to define spaces.

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