Incredible Tiny House Cafe Is A True Work Of Art

Beautiful to behold, this spectacular tiny house cafe is a remarkable specimen of skilled labour and artistic vision. Chantal and Mike are a truly dynamic duo, one with a dream of starting a boutique coffee shop and the other with a zeal -tiny house building. When these unique passions were combined to create Le Bon cafe, a wonderful and rare work of art was the result.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina but all over the USA, this travelling tiny house coffee shop is certainly one to look out for.

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  1. Our hometown on my fav channel!! This is awesome! I can’t wait to get a cup of coffee from this beautiful coffee shop!!

  2. You’ve made me put a “star” on Asheville in Google Maps, so I know where to go when I travel to the US.
    Holy… that place looks (and sounds, because I can hear those beauties at 1:39) just amazing for me.

  3. All of these videos are the same he starts outside comments on the shape/how nice the exterior is then says something like oh did you find a lot of the materials to make this, he then goes inside and the first thing he says is “ohh this is really special isnt it?” or like in this ep “ohh this is really charming isnt it?” they then say how much it cost to make and he says something like “and for a building of this caliber its not bad at all is it?” lmao i can’t believe it took me this long to notice this…

  4. Very pleasant on the eyes. My inner sparky senses picked up the power point directly behind the sink, that would be a huge “no, no” in Australia.

  5. Bryce, EXCELLENT camera work and, as expected, GREAT job with the intro, the interview, and the outro … looking forward to the next video produced by you and your team.

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