1. Great floor plan apart from the Bathroom, swap Loo & Sink around & it would have been perfect! When having to do your business maybe facing a Door that might open at any second isn’t ideal. Sure it might speed things along but also make you anxious about interruptions. Maybe the lucky new owners can remodel that area 🙂 As for the rest of the Tiny, it’s a fantastic design.

    • It’s oversize, normal max height is 13′ 6″ and it was clearly custom built… If looking for budget prices, avoid custom built… It’s like going to a fashion designer instead of the department store or custom furniture maker instead of Ikea… You’d get something specially tailored to your needs but it comes at a price…

  2. first, those are two different phrases, using a totally different word in there of the three.
    second, no one copied anything. that is a common descriptive phrase in the english language. no one can ‘own’ it, or copy it.
    third, your point actually seems to be to plug a different channel. not great form, but you could have done it without trying to diss this one.

  3. Out west, especially, if you don’t intend to leave the state. Maximum legal height can go higher than the standard highway limit of 13′ 6″. Most of the western states allow 14′, a few 14′ 6″ and Alaska allows 15’… This one is 14′, which means an additional 6″ of height for the loft, which is normally limited to between 48″-52″ but an extra 6″ puts that just below 5’… add the standing platform by the stairs and you can easily stand at the entrance to the loft.

    You could still go higher, with a oversize permit but that’s harder to move and may involve a fee for the permit… Like someone in Tennessee did one that’s 16′ high and so has nearly 6′ of height in the loft. So someone about 5′ 9″ or under could stand… Though, you’d need it 7-8′ for it to be considered a second floor. Still allows much more movement and design options. Especially, if you also go wider… But that’s very custom and can give a bit of a spike to the price…

  4. @Nonya Bizness Well, not another channel really, though they do have one… But they’re a builder, known for budget prices of their homes… Versus this one, that was built by Tru Form Tiny, which is more known for their high prices, that is just being sold by its last owner on Tiny House Listing, which is a listing site and this channel serves to post videos for some of those listings… So not all the same thing…

  5. Better than yesterday’s stinker of a video. Keep that low quality build content off here. Really lost some of your elite perception in my eyes posting that F grade build.

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