Inside This 450sqft Tiny House with Superior Interior Design!

Today we a beautiful, designed tiny house in Hocking Hills Ohio. I also go on a few hikes and visit Hocking Hills most popular areas!

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00:00-01:40 intro/outdoor
01:40-02:47 living room
02:47-04:32 kitchen
04:32-06:02 Sponsor
06:02-07:48 bedroom
07:48-08:51 /
08:51-11:43 Explore Hocking Hills

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  1. This home is beautiful and I love that the builders took great care to use non-toxic and local material! The warm wood tones (even in the shower which is neat!) & light color palette make this home appear to be glowing! I imagine it would look like a fairytale in the snow. I also want to point out that the windows (and not just the bedroom windows) all had window treatments. That feature makes the home feel private and finished to me. Not only did they include the window treatments, but they are exquisite!

  2. I love the front door and the over all look of the outside of this house, the inside is spacious and cozy❤️❤️❤️

  3. Not a fan of the front door. rather have it centered and the space on either side of the door to use as shelves for books etc… Where the chair is, would prefer to have the window higher so as not to fade out the fabric chairs. Prefer no window by the tv. Prefer a wall. To distracting having a tv behind a big window. The small kitchen is wasted. Lack of storage. Would of had the kitchen opposite the doors (placed on the left side of the screen, that way you can add more storage and cupboard space. Lot of wasted space for 2 hallways on either side. The open shelf in the hallway opposite the mirror is not practical at all. For this video, they have placed decorative items for show and tell. Having ones food or dishes in plain view which is really what this shelf is going to be used for is not practical. Just needs a rejig. If you placed boxes the size of the storage space available in the kitchen, you will find you can fit very little. Kitchen redesign.

  4. I would love to know more about this home. I notice there’s a lot of none toxic home, is it suitable for decreasing mold in the home, and designed green/chemical free (as much as possible) in the structure?

  5. I had Bespoke post for months and never got anything good! It was all cheap stuff that I could’ve gotten much cheaper on Amazon! Don’t waste your money!

  6. Hey, Levi and Justin! These tours have inspired me to plan more travels with my family. We would need a wheelchair accessible building though. Have you seen any in Hocking Hills? Thanks!

  7. I’m sorry but this was the most horrible use of space … Tiny sink in the kitchen, useless 2nd hallway, three sets of French doors to the same patio.
    I love watching tiny house tours, and this one was my least favorite.
    I wish the tour had been a more in-depth tour of the area … That would have been better!!!

  8. Design myself it is beautiful. For true living it is very impractical. I am a designer but I do know that for tiny living everything must serve a purpose

  9. The interior is beautiful! Colors/counters/etc were obviously designed with a great deal of thought. The nicest, prettiest tiny house interior I’ve ever seen. I’d like a bigger kitchen sink. Layout is good.

  10. 450 sq ft is technically not a “tiny house” but this place is nice and I would prefer not to live in a tiny house anyway

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