Installing Solar Panels on the Tiny House

From the very starting of this venture, it was crucial for me that my Tiny House be powered completely although clear, renewable power. Solar potential is the cornerstone of this philosophy and so having the photo voltaic panels established on the Tiny House looks like an amazing milestone. Read More:

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  1. This looks awesome! Do you plan on making a video on how much power you
    need / ise when your house is “up and running”? :)

  2. Nice Video, can you already say something about the weight of the whole
    solar setup? I am planing a similar sized solar system to my tiny house at
    the moment but i am not sure if my moving roof can take the weight…

  3. !!! You must be over the moon! What a gorgeous array! Will you be adding
    gutters for any future water retention? I wish I could sneak a peek at your
    to-do list for your tiny home, lol! Can’t wait to see it underway, and
    hopefully, you interacting with more like-minded people! Thanks for

  4. Would of been nice to see the batteries setup too. Well I would like to
    recommend Lithium (LiFePO4). Compact, energy dense, super long life, super
    fast charging, handle huge electrical loads, super safe! – not the
    dangerous type of Lithium. Heaps of other benefits, a little more
    expensive, but cheaper in the long run.

  5. Awesome video Bryce – JOB WELL DONE!! Your tiny house has really come a
    long way, you’re to be congratulated. I wish you all the best mate.

  6. It looked like there was enough space left on the left and right side
    together, that you could have put a fifth panel on it :/ Too much space
    left unused on both sides 🙁 Sure these five are already much but you could
    have placed 5 there and then you really had maximized your gains 🙂 Or
    there could be another unit but for heating your water up. Some solar heat
    collector 🙂 Then it would be awesome 😀 Now it’s okay but not perfect ^^

  7. Great! what’s your square footage for the tiny home? My house is around
    700-800 sq ft, how many solar panels would I need?

  8. Nice one. Soooo what controller do you use and what’s the battery setup,
    how much energy will be produced/stored? Cheers

  9. Having lived offgrid for over 13 years now want to offer one slight
    disagreement as to sizing the panels to the batteries.
    It never hurts to have extra production due to variables in seasons and
    weather. Though my climate may be somewhat different than yours, having the
    batteries full on average during the summer around eleven in the morning
    means that an AC can be run through the afternoon. Or run the electric
    chainsaw in the spring and fall when it isn’t getting to hot.
    If there is no use for the surplus electricity, such as washing machine,
    bread maker, crock pot, etc during different times of the year, a dump
    diverter on the charge controller sends the excess to preheat the water in
    the hot water storage tank, thus saving on propane.
    To me one big thing that people living offgrid need to learn is that
    adjusting your usage to seasonal/daily production times allows you to have
    a lifestyle that is basically the same as being on grid. You just can’t
    expect to do things at night the way that you are used to now.

  10. TO fricken cool Bryan… I was wondering what solar panels would fit up
    there, and it’s all done and looks great!!! By the way I know you had a
    budget to stay within, have you gone over that by now with all your putting
    in the tiny house?? Thank you for yet another great video!!!

  11. woot woot! work on the tiny house is back! So want to see this house
    finished and on the road. It is so well done. :d

  12. were getting close, being watching since the start, at a guess what is the
    current weight of your house with solar installed, as their were great
    savings in weight with the steel clad frame vs timber frame, roll on the

  13. Great seeing all the progress of your tiny house. The whole solar system
    looks pretty solid. Wishing you all the best for your next steps. Kathi

  14. That’s very cool Bryce. Is that only one side of the solar panels.? I
    would have done the other side as well as you don’t know the direction of
    the sun will be during the day. With both sides you get more power. For
    water you can also hook up a dehumidifier to get water. Just a thought.
    Hope that your also doing well. Have a fantastic evening Bryce. Cheers.

  15. That’s awesome-congrats on your solar system. When do we get see the
    inside? By the way, what’s the total height with the panels on?

  16. Really nice to see you are getting along with your house Sir.
    Thx for sharing.
    Hope to se more from your project.

  17. Awesome – great to see the solar panels installed. Not much longer till
    it’s finished. You must be so excited, Bryce! Can’t wait to see the rest of
    the project come to completion. Keep up the good work!

  18. Should be interesting to see how well it does year round. I make 50kWh in
    December(if there’s no snow on them) and around 800kWh in May with my
    23*220W(iirc) panels.

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