Installing the simplest/most affordable Tiny House Heater

Whether its supplemental heat, heating a small home, tiny house, or a getaway /cottage, the Envi heater is something to certainly consider. Derek “Deek” Diedricksen takes you through the incredibly simple installation of an heater that is frequently seen and used in the tiny house scene.

Deek’s Hands-On Tiny House/Green Workshops-


  1. Hmmm… something to consider. I didn’t really consider heat in my tiny house (currently being built) because I live in Texas and am used to 100°F weather for the majority of the year. But this winter in Austin has been really cold. 40°F as of late. And hear would definitely be needed.

    • for a tiny house, maybe a 500w heater. if you think 40F is cold, go to Chicago, it’s 0F now. I’ve been near Chicago 57 years, my first job was pumping gas in ’76-’77, the temps were down to -40F without wind chill. I wore 2 parkas and 3 pairs of pants, and had to walk a mile to and from work, as i did not have a car.

    • Here ya’ go:

  2. I think what most people forget in a tiny house is an air to air heat exchange. They are too small and there will be a condensation buildup, however I hardly hear it mentioned.

  3. I’ve had one for 3 years and it’s great. I can close the hall off and heat a 25 x 12 ft. living room, dining room and kitchen space to over 60 deg. when it’s below freezing outside for 4 cents an hour.

  4. I just stayed somewhere (on-grid) with these heaters and was very impressed. Like the commenter below, I’m wondering how they’d go off-grid. They have a lower power draw than many heaters but in winter where there’s not much sun, I don’t know how they’d go.

  5. Very cool. I looked at these heaters before deciding on a different type. If I had a bit more power available this would be ideal.

  6. i had a fight with eheat on facebook. They cannot explain why they say their unit is any more efficient than any other model. their heaters are not special at all. the shape is nice but the high efficiency stuff is all marketing wank. bummed that you are in bed with that company

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