Is this the most jam-packed skoolie ever?! 3 Kids + 4 Dogs!

The life of a quirky family with 3 kids and 4 inside of a traveling skoolie & full tour of their converted school bus.

This tiny home has got to be the most jam-packed space I’ve ever seen, but it’s also super and inside. How did they do that? With a lot of creativity (and maybe a little bit of genius) in their design.

I also want to note that their really touched me. A few years ago, they lost a child (who was 7 years old) in a devastating car wreck. This is what inspired Kyle and Jenn to change their lives, and their priorities, in order to show their remaining children the world. I think that’s amazing.

Jenna Kausal

Matt Alexander

Marcia Trader




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  1. Nice bus. So sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a child. May God be with you. It looks like you have made a good life. Take care.

  2. Очень низкие спальные места для детей.И очень узкий проход,как в поезде.Там было место ,чтобы сделать по-другому.

  3. If people call you crazy ignore them.If this is madness I would embrace it. I can assure you that the time you are investing with your children now will pay you huge dividends later in life. Your are raising children to be well rounded human beings who will be confident and you will all have mutual respect, plus lots of love. We were lucky enough to find it. BTW our children are now in their fifties and we are still going strong.

  4. I agree. Life is so miserable when all u do is wake up eat go to work come home eat and go to bed rinse and repeat every day. I bought a 40 Van Hool bus that I’ve completely gutted now I’ve got to cut in the slide outs and start building my dream home. I can’t wait.

  5. Stupid question but how does the youngest go up and down to his bunk since it looks like it’s the highest. I expected the oldest to have the highest bunk

    Stupid question #2 where do the kids do their schooling?

  6. Im so sad about their son!! 😥
    Awesome build!!! But it’s not really a skoolie, it’s more like a Trailways commercial bus.

  7. I can’t believe those kids don’t have life vests on when tubing in those flimsy toy tubes. No matter how shallow the water may be they are still kids. That is courting disaster

  8. What an amazing couple! I am so inspired by their strength and commitment to living their best life. My heart breaks for their very personal loss, but their energy and commitment shows their kids the power of resilience and of course, family! ✨❤️

  9. I love vanlife too but with kids? Then I’d say no… Cause one of my friends who used to live in a van when she was little told me she hated it but she never said that to her parents

  10. Great video sorry for your loss. I think you made a great decision traveling with your kids
    I also have a bus it has a 8 v92 silver it is a new motor and automatic transmission. My question to you is do you have a hard time finding mechanics to work on your bus and Detroit engine. Thank you safe travels we hope to meet up

    • Bus Grease Monkey is your best bet for these old Detroits. You can get his contact info from one of his YouTube videos. Just search Bus Grease Monkey on YouTube. He is one of if not the top Detroit mechanic in the US.

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