It’s Small But BRILLIANT – A Tiny House Like No Other

Now here is a not quite like anything we've seen before. It's one of the smallest designs we have featured, yet has some of the biggest design features including an amazing loft net, clever storage and some ultra cool design.

It may be a house but there's a lot of big thinking that's gone into this homes design. Cam is an artist and wanted a home where he could express his style while living in comfort. Despite its small size, this is a tiny house that wants for nothing.

We hope you enjoy the full tour of this amazing tiny house!

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  1. His Swedish Vallhund is so adorable! I have a corgi and they look and act so much alike. I love the space he built for the pup inside the house as well.

  2. I’ve watched all of Bryce’s videos and this is by far one of my favorites. It’s only 20ft long and he has a large kitchen, large bathroom, the cutest doggy space, a bedroom you can stand up in, a lounging area, fantastic view, and a great outdoor deck. What more do you need in life? And his artwork is amazing. So happy for him.

  3. His artistry shows everywhere on his tiny house. I love the design! The plants, the functionality, and the beauty. Great job!

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