LA family turns unused garage into small home Oasis (before/after)

They were running out of space in their two bedroom bungalow for a family of four, a and frequent family visitors so Gennifer Leong-Alvarado and Pastor Alvarado decided to copy their neighbors who had recently torn down their garage to replace it with a home.

They called on Rebecca Rudolph and Catherine Johnson of Design, Bitches – the same architects who had made over their neighbors yard – and soon their tiny garage and cement driveway was being torn apart to make way for a spacious ADU ( Unit) and a backyard they would really use.

Gennifer explains, “I never went behind my garage ever because it was kind of like a dead zone.” Rebecca says this is common. “What we've figured out over time is that people will go out from their living space, so if we'd just converted the garage, they would have stayed in this section of the yard, so by putting it in the back, they'll use the whole thing.”

Today, in the former “dead zone” sits their backyard that serves as Pastor's office, as well as a home for their parents (who are frequent visitors). Their old, cement driveway is now a grass soccer field used constantly by their 10-year-old. And now, all the space between their home and the tiny home is used; there's a swimming pool, a fire pit, a covered outdoor area, a hammock and a boardwalk that connects the two spaces and gives the space a vacation-type feel.

Design, Bitches

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  1. Very well done. ( The design – ideas – concepts – materials etc . . ) Extremely well thought out.
    Simple – modern – yet cozy and natural. I love concrete floors and simple plywood walls and structural concepts.
    It’s even more striking when you see the older pictures from the past – and what it is NOW.

  2. A really great use of space, and in LA probably double the value of the property, could do a rental with no issues, and a perfect space for a start up, if there was enough street parking not to upset the neighbors.

  3. I can’t believe how many of your videos I have enjoyed so much. You just really do great work, idk how you find all the gems that you do, year after year. Good on ya.

  4. You rarely see an ADU so well integrated with the outdoor spaces. Very well planned and executed. I wonder how long the permit process was with the city.

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