Laura & Rory’s “Blueberry” Tiny House in Vancouver, BC

Laura and Rory spent whole year building their tiny home in Vancouver, British Columbia, and it is one of the most well-thought spaces we’ve seen yet! Their barn shaped roofline expands the interior living space without compromising aesthetic. Other features include a storage staircase, full shower, compost toilet, full range, concrete countertop, and much more!

Vancouver’s housing market has skyrocketed in recent years, causing residents to look into alternatives. Laura and Rory decided to design and build a tiny house as an affordable alternative to purchasing a standard home in the city.

After advertising on Craigslist, Laura and Rory found what they thought was the perfect parking in Vancouver. They moved in, but before long they received a “tiny house eviction.” A neighbor complained, and there seemed to be no easy solution. He wanted the tiny house gone, and Laura and Rory were forced to tow their tiny home away.

Luckily, everything worked out for the best for Laura and Rory. They found a new spot, located just south of downtown Vancouver. The location is private and surrounded by a blueberry farm. They have an electrical and water hookup from the property’s main house. In return, they pay a small rental fee for the parking space.

Laura and Rory share tips for finding and photos of their tiny home on our website. Full story here:


  1. This is my absolute favorite channel! I dream of having a tiny home when
    I’m older! I want to be an environmentalist and these are perfect!

  2. If you live in a small house to “save the planet”. you’re a fuckin moron.
    if you live in a small house to save money or live off the grid, then you
    have a brain that functions. because the only people that are pushing “man
    made global warming”, or the sustainability myth and not the obvious
    over-crowding, are globalists that hate humanity, and live in multiple
    Mansions that use more electricity than a smelting factory. these are the
    type of people that want humanity to live in a little box with nothing!
    while they watch from their ivory towers. this is what endless wealth does
    to humans, it makes you a MONSTER!

  3. I spy another new episode coming up based on the beginning sequence!!

    I’m really glad at the end you covered the issue of parking because that is
    my #1 reason for not getting a tiny house right now.

  4. Wonderful and cozy, lovely couple. Love the washing machine!! What I think
    I like most is how much they love it. <3 As an aside, I would really like
    to know about the pitfalls and positives about finding a place to put your
    trailer for long term parking in the U.S...the cost..

  5. Wow nice job I love it☺
    Dos the bylaw out there alow you to live in your tiny house full time?
    I live Ontario and they don’t like it, if they catch you living in one they
    will make you move it.

  6. I really love this tiny house! Me and charles are working on ours right now
    and its nice to see that some one else has done the gambrel style roof. Im
    wondering, what are the dimensions of your loft? It looks a bit more roomy
    than ours but I’m also 6, 3″ so our loft has to be set high lol

  7. Can you guys tell me how many feet is that trailer that’s a design that I
    was looking into Dutch type roof born 

  8. I very much look forward to these videos defiantly my favourite YouTube
    channel by far I hope you guys keep making these videos I love them will
    always be hear to support this channel!!!!!

  9. I love the roofline and how it allows good amount of head room in the loft,
    the bathroom design and the concert countertops great tiny house design.

  10. I guess it would be good to put both a electric usage meter and water usage
    meter, so as if you have to plug in, you can claim you will be fair, and
    have proof, and perhaps even save money. Advantages of a small home: easier
    to pay off, no big debt. Moveable, easier to clean, less waste, easier to
    heat. No, or low, rent, mortgage, save money for something else such as a
    car, etc. Perhaps there could be a group of people, or a system, of small
    homes where people can move once a year or something, swapping locations,
    and/or people on a list who can support small homes, have land and
    water/electric connections, who may want to rent them cheaply. There may
    even be a need for new laws to allow small homes become more practical
    within society and zones, etc.

  11. It’s great to see a tiny home in BC! It’s my dream to one day have a tiny
    home but BC seems like a difficult place to make it work with the climate,
    high cost of materials, and high cost of land. It would be nice to own a
    piece of land to truly make my own rather than renting. We’ll see how it
    goes. Maybe in 10 years I’ll have my own tiny home.

  12. Very nice , great job ,Its so cheery ” I love your color choices , wood
    combinations and decor . Thank you for sharing your house with us viewers
    ” All the best to you both enjoy your little house for years to come .

  13. I’d rather get a tiny house because I’d rather have less space, more
    luxury, and less money total over lots of space, less luxury, and more
    money in total.

  14. I love the driftwood railing! I’ve never seen anything like it. What a cool
    way to combine art and functionality.

  15. This is one of the best tiny homes I’ve seen. It has everything, and it
    seems very spacious. I want a tiny home like this lol.

  16. Very well designed, but I guess I find the price off putting. Where I live,
    thirty thousand would buy a pretty nice piece of land. You might could even
    find a place with a small cabin on it for that price. Then again, there
    isn’t much work out here.

  17. What a beautiful home! You have a fantastic, well-made channel that
    continues to inspire me with every upload. Thanks!

  18. If you’re going to spend the money you may as well make something you want
    to live in. This is one of the nicest I’ve seen. I’m wondering though if
    there isn’t an alternative to propane because I hate the stuff, and almost
    every tiny house I’ve seen uses it.

  19. This is the nicest tiny home I’ve seen on YouTube so far. Clever and we’ll
    made details through out. Kudos to the owner/builders!

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