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“This 20′ tiny home ir ready to move into tomorrow. From front to back and inside and out, this Tiny Home was well thought out with many creature comforts. Come by and take a look or reach out to us for more information.”

in West Palm Beach, Florida: For sale here:

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    • Dayna Silvey the cuts and fades are designed to hide how tiny this place is and creates the illusion of space. But really it’s just really small.

    • Have you ever seen a bumble bee up close? They are small but mighty. Small isn’t always a bad thing so why play the stupid game?

  1. They are asking $55,000 for this-NO WAY!!!! This is a 20 ft, I have seen way prettier with better space usage and appliances than this, at half this price!!

    • Yep and incredible tiny homes on Wheels they design it a lot better and a better price if you can get a 20-footer for about $24,000 a lot cheaper

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