Life In The Trees With The Treehouse Masters

Who wouldn’t want to live in an amazing home in the trees? The have risen to international fame for their incredible homes nestled amongst the trees. In this episode, we travel to Seattle, to meet and Supply, and visit one of their outstanding creations.

If you’re interested in learning more about , be sure to check out the Nelson Treehouse Supply website and youtube channel which have some fantastic resources for .

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  1. I’ve seen trees that big and sturdy get uprooted and topple over. Part of the “engineering” aspect must include picking the right trees in the right land, understanding the local weather and possibilities for soil erosion, and part of living in a treehouse must include caring for the health of the trees. I’m sure it’s no small feat to create a treehouse that’s really going to last.

  2. And the location! I mean come on, that place is so beautiful. Although, they didn’t show the side the camera is on, but …

  3. ???. OH BOY , BRYCE , another winner with this one . You find such amazing places to show us on your travels . Please keep up with the job ! Thank you for the voyage of discovery ???

  4. It doesn’t look easy getting off the ladder to the loft. Is it too cold to shower outside though?Imagine during the nights it could get very cold.

  5. Did you guys changed your camera or video editor cuz it somehow looks even better .

    And by the way that trees gonna die eventually cuz of ionic poisoning. Thats why ı dont like tree houses with metal attachments they looks fantastic but just too much, we dont need to conquer the nature.. We just need to roll with it.

  6. What’s the toilet solution? Is there any inside? All of these houses are made for humans and all humans have basic needs.
    A house presentation without responding to the satisfaction of basic needs (like p*ss and p00p) is not complete!

    Please always remember this for future presentations – it’s of utmost interest for all of us here… 😉

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