Life In The World’s Most Traveled Tiny House

Tiny House Expedition is world’s most traveled tiny house. Since filming this in Vancouver, this intrepid have put many thousands more miles behind them and now have travelled over 40,000 (64,000km) miles in their 20′ (6m) tiny house on wheels.

of greatest thing about a tiny house on wheels is that it is able to travel. This film-making takes full advantage of that fact and has built an incredible life for themselves on the road traveling as part of a community out-reach program, while also filming their series, Living Tiny Legally.
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  1. Wow!! what an amazing life!! would love to travel like that!! Love all the little details and all the ingenious idea’s the put into this! Nice one!! 🙂

  2. I find it amazing that tiny homes tend to be less expensive than fifth wheel trailers and seem to have a higher build quality than most trailers

  3. Not only falling in love with your channel, but also with the theme song. Almost every morning I watch your video on YouTube. I don’t know why every time I hear the song, it gives me joy. ❤️

  4. A fantastic tiny house, have subscribed to see your expedition as well, hoping to see back videos to start with & follow your journey. Well done to both of you for coming up with such a great personal project. Intrigued as to how you make it pay, presumably from the films your making. Sincerely Mark. Lego Grandad, UK.

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