Life On The Road In An Ex-Ambulance Camper

This week we give you a full tour of our (we call it our ) which we use travel and camp all over North America!

We have plans in 2019 to do a full camper conversion on this ambulance, which is built on a 2008 Chevy C4500 and which was a fully working ambulance up until it was retired from service in 2017.In this pre-conversion tour, you’ll see the ambulance as we bought her, as well as how we have been using it as a vehicle to tour with.

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Not only is our Campulance a home away from home, it’s also a tow vehicle which we use to pull our around. We’ve installed a full tow package which means that we will be able to travel with both the , and the campulance together, or just take the camper for shorter excursions. For us, this ambulance camper is like living the vanlife dream. It’s a great vehicle and has been an amazing home on the road.

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud

’ © 2018 Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. Great stuff Bryce, really excited to see how the conversion develops. I have a couple of ideas. For the bed you could look at doing something with heavy draw sliders where the bed slides out from under the legal seating on the heavy slides, some sort of folding mechanism for extra width. It also looks like if you were willing to gut the interior you could free up a bit of head room by dropping the floor and raising the ceiling – the floor particularly looks like there is some decent height under it. I’m also interested in your residency status as I thought you were both New Zealand citizens? Did you win the green card lottery or do you have some other connection to the states? I’d love to spend some long term time in the states on an Australian passport and would be interested in a video on it 🙂 Cheers, Tom.

  2. Omg! This is absolutely great idea. I’m so exciting. I think the best option is to make it in kind of techno futuristic cosmic style but at the same time with a cozy flavor using warm color leather and just lit a bit wood to have at the end something like Guardians of the galaxy interior)

  3. Wow! Really cool. You can use the vehicle to storage, and the house for bedroom, bath and lounge…. It’s a nice acquisition. Congrats.

  4. You can try make a bed hanging on the celling, and you would simply lower it. That way you would not have to change sitting area.

    Also that flat roof just invites solar panels or it should be a place where you can relax on.

    Flat sides can be uses for outside folding table, like I saw I on of your older video with camper school bus. Since there are outside cabinets, you could make outdoor kitchen.


  5. On the wall above the seats could you do a Murphy type bed situation mounted lengthwise with drop down legs like Jenna’s Tumbleweed wall table? Pushed up against the wall during the day could act as the back of a couch type scenario…. just a thought.
    Anyway, I think I’ve watched almost all your videos now – I’m about to start my tiny home build here in Timaru!! Thank you for your work, I’ve pinched tiny ideas from so many of your episodes hahaha!

  6. I think a cool bed option would be to have a large platform lower from the ceiling (maybe use the stainless grab bars as anchors?). This way you could maintain the existing layout and seating. The headroom wouldn’t be a huge loss, since you aren’t able to stand up fully anyways.
    Looking forward to your next update!

  7. Just did a 4,000 mile trip in our Campulance. (1999 Ford E450) We towed an enclosed trailer as well. As far as the bed is concerned, I built a raised platform out of three 2×4 frames, covered with a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood on top. It was cut to fit in between the rear “sofa” chair, and the cabinets on the other side. We then installed a 4 inch thick foam mattress on top of the plywood, which made it level with the top of the sofa chair area. This made the entire sleeping area (plywood/foam and sofa) about the same width as a king-sized bed! The extra bonus of course, was having lots more storage area underneath the plywood bed, between the 2×4 frames. My wife and I, and our 4 year old son, all slept very well on this bed. I should also add that I am 6’3″ tall, and weigh 220 pounds, and the plywood bed never felt flimsy underneath me.

  8. Wow! This is great! All the infrastructures are already there, and everything is built heavy duty, very well made. That is exciting! It will be even more beautified you get your personal touches on it! I’m 57, when I was 5 yrs old always wanted to make a camper out of a bus! Jan 2016 I bought a Bluebird, it past life was a Blood donation bus. So it had 120v infrastructure, a 20 kw diesel generator, and cabinets and strecher [beds] kinda. The cabinetry was very well made marine plywood, with the clinical looking formica on it. But I’m gradually changing into an RV, and since I’m an electrician by trade, I’m having fun with lighting etc..Anyway I know you guys will have great fun making it the way you want it! So exciting. I did not know how you were traveling to show us all these beautiful places, and homes. I enjoy your channel, very inspiring, and just so cool to see what other living options there are. Thanks so much for your channel, and sharing your journey. [I’ve started my own little vlog on my bus proj, but I’ll be learning to edit soon] So I’m really appreciating the effort and energy all that goes into it. You both do a great job! God bless! Have fun!

  9. Can you *increase roof hight* so you can stand in it? I would really love to see every tiny little bit of this conversion! I hope you make a whole series out of it!
    One of my other favorite youtubers is/are building a house and it’s incredible to watch it all from start to finish, and I really hope you won’t skip anything ;-))

  10. I’m salivating with excitement and anticipation! ? I can’t wait to see this campulance completed. The potential is HUUUUUGE!!!! ???

  11. Ah, I’ve always thought you were a kiwi too! Hope you’re going to show some kiwi tiny homes and places to park them up to live in while you’re back in our homeland, I’m really keen in renting to own a tiny home here in New Zealand some day soon!

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